Managing team members

Including Invitations, Permissions & Access
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Administering team members

Here is how to invite and manage team members, cast and crew in Dramatify and how to add different production roles and permissions as well as increased visibility in certain areas.

Invitation and sign up

To start a production, you sign up – unless you already have a Dramatify account.

First, you create a personal profile, then a business account for your production company and finally your first production. Subsequent productions are just a click away.

A  team member, whether crew or cast, is always invited to join a production through Dramatify, they do not sign up by themselves unless they also run productions themselves. Dramatify is always free for team members.

The Dramatify personal profile

Think of the personal profile in Dramatify a bit like a Facebook profile. It’s personal and once created, the team member can be added to any number of productions (think Facebook groups) by searching and adding them to the production. You do not need to input any new personal information. Everything is already there as soon as the team member accepts the production invitation.

However, in the planning stages of your production, you can add people to your production and invite them when convenient at a later stage.


How permissions work

Permission basics

Dramatify has three different types of accounts:

  1. The Production Company
  2. A Production
  3. The Personal Account, i.e. the account of a person using Dramatify that may or may not be tied to a Production and a Production Company.

We also currently have four main tiers of permissions in a production:

  1. Production Company Administrators
  2. Production Admins
  3. Creatives
  4. Cast & Crew (read-only)

Production Company Administrators

Production Company Administrators can change payment details, subscription plans and start new productions. The person who signs up a production company is automatically made a Production Company Administrator. It’s good practice to add at least one other person.

Production Administrators

A Production Administrator can read, add, edit and delete anything in a production. They have a key icon in relation to their name in the profile card and access lists. Only production admins can invite crew and cast members to join the production. If you are a Production Company Admin, you are automatically also a production admin.


Creatives have individually set permissions depending on what the production key staff want them to have access to and can add, edit and delete information depending on the permissions. Examples of roles that should be creative are ADs, production managers, casting, set designers, makeup artists, wardrobe designers etc.

Cast & Crew (read-only)

Cast & Crew (read-only) read-only access for cast and crew members who do not add any information. Read-only access can be added on an individual basis to cast & characters, scripts, stripboards and sets & locations.

Who sees what?

On most pages, you can click on the menu icon and select Access.

Access in the menu

In the following pop-up, you can see who has access to a specific page. For anyone, not an admin, you can remove them immediately by clicking on the red icon. You can add additional members at the bottom of the page.

Access details

What different team members can do and access in Dramatify depends on the role you have given them. 

The link between permission groups and payment plans

Dramatify has three main permission groups and they are linked to your payment plan.

In most of our payment plans, you pay for anyone who can add, edit and delete production content while cast and crew with read-only access are free.

Production administrator – can add, edit, delete and read everything in the production including sensitive cast and crew information like home addresses and ICE information.

Creative – can add, edit, delete and read limited information depending on the access rights given to each individual. A creative can be anyone from a production manager who should have access to almost everything except sensitive cast and crew information to a makeup artist who can only work with Makeup Looks and details.

Cast & Crew (read-only) – can only read the information in specific areas and you can also add additional access to for example scripts. Members of this group can send and read messages as well as edit their own profile.

Troubleshooting – downgrading

If you have downgraded members of a production to Read-only to make room within your payment plan for someone who should have a higher access level, you may experience that it doesn’t seem to work. You can still not add another member with edit-rights. It’s easy to fix!

  • Click on Companies at the top of the page, and select your production company. 
  • Click on People in the sidebar menu.
  • Now you will see a list of all the members in your productions. Since a team member may be part of more than one production, the highest level of permissions they have been granted, will still be in force.
  • To downgrade that member, mouse over the right-hand side of the list to bring up the menu, and select “Move to Read-only”.

Change payment permissions



STEP 1: Finding, adding and inviting a team member

Who can invite team members?

  • To invite a new crew member: You need to be a production administrator
  • To invite a new cast member: You need to be a production administrator, OR a creative member with full access to cast.

Search after your new team member

After starting a production, you can immediately begin adding team members and get the discussion going in the newsfeed. You invite team members by choosing the “People” tab and clicking on “Add crew & cast”.

Add People, Cast & Crew to your Dramatify production


Add your team members name or email address to see if they already are a Dramatify member. If so, click to add. If you don’t find the person you are looking for, click the button at the bottom and proceed.

Search people to add to your Dramatify production

The difference between adding a new member profile and an existing member

There is a slight difference between adding an existing Dramatify member and an entirely new member profile.

  1. The first step is the same for both types. It’s a page where you set which role your team member has in the production, any extra visibility or credits as well as permissions and a few production settings. You then either send an invitation or just save the added member to send the invitation later.
  2. If your team member doesn’t have a profile before, you can – if you want – add additional member information such as image, statistics information, addresses etc.  You can also leave this to the member to add themselves when they claim their profile after you have invited them.
STEP 2. Overview of adding production details

Overview of adding production details

When you add a new member to your production, you can add production details and permissions.

You can

  • Production roles – select which role the team member should have in the production. You can in several features address or share information with a production group that includes everyone with a role in that group.
  • Teams – add them to one or more teams.
  • Visibility – various specific ways of automatically adding a person to credits, call sheets etc.
  • Permissions – add permissions in different roles. See more below.
  • Meals – How to handle individual meal settings, if needed. Meal settings are first set in the production settings.
  • Release & Contract – upload a personal release and/or contract to keep track of all paperwork. Releases for cast members will also be automatically linked in the Daily Production Report on days that cast member is shooting.
  • Production notes – any production notes for this member that should be public to the production. Notes are visible when you click on a profile card.


Add a new team member to Dramatify

View when adding a team member with an existing Dramatify profile.

Adding a new member to Dramatify with a new profile

View when adding a team member without an existing Dramatify profile.



STEP 3: Setting up a profile for a team member

If you add a person without a prior Dramatify profile, you can decide whether to;

  • send an invitation and let them set up their own profile, or
  • set up their basic profile for them

How to set up a Dramatify profile for a team member

The invitation process consists of an initial page for anyone you invite to your production and the second page is for new Dramatify members. On this second page, you can add the following at any time before an invited member has responded to your invitation and claimed their profile:

  • Profile image
  • Email address
  • Mobile number
  • Home address
  • Representation/Agent contact information
  • Age (only applicable for minors. Also includes contact information for guardian)
  • Personal ID number / Social Security number (if needed for the production)
  • Union (if needed for differentiated wages)
  • Gender (for production/commissioner statistics)
  • Nationality (for production/commissioner statistics)

Edit team member

STEP 4: The profile card

You clearly see in the team list who is an active member and who is not invited yet. Just look for the striped bottom that indicates that a member is not yet invited. The coloured top border on each member card indicates status; if a member in not yet invited, invitation pending or if the invitation has been refused.

The profile card

Profile cardClicking on a card’s communication icons gives you one click direct messaging, calling, texting and emailing depending on which device you are using. Below in the lighter gray bar, you can see a team member’s qualifications.
To get a glossary of the icons, click on the menu icon at the top of the page.
Click on the upper part of a card and you open the production details and also find a link to the full profile.

Edit profile cardTo bring up the edit menu, mouse over the upper right corner of a profile card. By selecting a link, you can edit production details, revoke invitations and remove access or remove the member entirely from the production.


STEP 5: How the invitation works

When you send an invitation to a new team member, Dramatify will send an email to invite them to the production. Your name, production company and production name will be clearly displayed.

Clicking on the big blue button sends the invited member to a login page. A team member who already have used Dramatify for other productions, simply log in and accept your invitation. If they are new to Dramatify, they sign up and claim their profile. 

STEP 6: Shutting off access for team members

Some of your team members should only have access to your production for a short while. You can shut them off in two ways:

  1. You click “Remove Access” on the team member’s profile card on the Crew page or the Cast page. This will shut down their access, but their card will stay in the team list, team report and cast Day out of Days report. If you want to give this person access again, just click edit on their card and allow access again.
  2. You click “Remove from production” to completely remove a team member from the production, including the team list, team report and cast Day out of Day report. This is useful if a hired team member suddenly needs to terminate the engagement or if you made a mistake adding that person.

Personal Data Processing Consent
NOTE! Each person accepting your invitation needs to accept a allowing your company to handle their data. This is mandatory by EU law for any processing and storage of personal data. This is to protect your production company as the Personal Data Processor, not Dramatify.
Troubleshooting - downgrading members

If you have downgraded members of a production to Read-only to make room within your payment plan for someone who should have a higher access level, you may experience that it doesn’t seem to work. You can still not add another member with edit-rights. It’s easy to fix!

  • Click on Companies at the top of the page, and select your production company.
  • Click on People in the sidebar menu.
  • Now you will see a list of all the members in your productions. Since a team member may be part of more than one production, the highest level of permissions they have been granted, will still be in force. Note! If you downgrade a member in the company list, it will have that permission level in all productions.
  • To downgrade that member, mouse over the right-hand side of the list to bring up the menu, and select “Move to Read-only”.

Change payment permissions

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