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Rundowns for multi-camera live & studio shows

Dramatify offers a unique, collaborative rundown & script tool for multi-camera live and studio shows, developed together with live-tv show directors, production coordinators and scriptwriters. It is one of our three different script formats.

Today, many live and studio shows use handcrafted spreadsheets for rundowns. Existing digital script tools on the market have so far been made for either drama or news, not entertainment, music shows, galas, talk shows or sports. With Dramatify’s integrated rundown tool for multi-camera shows, producers and teams can save time, resources and a lot of frustration.


Super-easy to work with - no more spreadsheets!

Both a technical rundown AND a distraction-free writing view for journalists & scriptwriters

Integration with CuePilot vision mixer

Show mode with redlining

Integrated Cue Cards both for print and digital devices

Export to teleprompter, subtitling & closed captioning.

Dark-mode for an entirely paperless work flow.

Access read-only version through "secret" link or QR code!

Distraction-free writing for scriptwriters, hosts & journalists

Hosts, scriptwriters and journalists can do their show outline and scriptwriting in a distraction-free writing environment without technical details when you start a new production. Our scriptwriter feature looks like a familiar wordprocessor but is directly integrated with the technical rundown. It auto-locks on editing to prevent overwriting by mistake.

Each person in front of the camera can create and rehearse Cue cards (see more below) directly from this view which saves a lot of time. Permissions can be set so hosts, scriptwriters and journalists can create and edit action and dialogue content in the scriptwriter view but not edit the rundown.

The text can be tagged with action, dialogue, camera and lyrics, as well as various styling options and right-to-left text.

Flexible rundowns that’s easy to work with!

Dramatify’s rundowns are perhaps the easiest to work with on the market, from pre-production to the live broadcast.  It’s easy to customise with a few clicks both for the production and the individual user and offers smart integrations and extras.


Set up with a few clicks

To set up a rundown format for your specific project just click to select which content you want to include and in which order. You have the following features and columns to show or hide and can add or remove content types in the middle of the production.

  • Scene and shot numbers
  • Synopsis (used to differentiate similar scenes in stripboards, scheduling and call sheets)
  • Source type with individual source type background colours for easy identification
  • Scene notes inc. images
  • Linked set and characters
  • Shot columns: Action & Dialogue, Camera number, Camera instructions, Audio, Graphics, Screen 1-3 and Shot notes
  • Timing information: Scene duration, Running time, Real-time, Reverse time, Total duration

Working with the rundown


Content types

When you create your rundown content, text can be tagged for automatic formatting and individual user filtering.

  • In the Action & Dialogue column: Action, Dialogue, Camera, Lyrics, Insert and Presenter notes. A speaker can be added to the Dialogue and Presenter note types. The insert type can be selected if you want to hide pre-recorded content during a live show.
  • In the Camera instruction column, in addition to camera instructions, you also can tag Lights and FX.


Smart features when working with the rundown

  • Highlight background colours for important information
  • Split shots with a click
  • One-click to duplicate scripts and scenes
  • Drag’n’drop to move scenes, and to move shots within a scene.
  • Automatic background colours depending on the source (EVS, studio, live-A, live-B, online, graphics, speaker, music etc.)
  • One-click addition of sets and participants which are auto-linked to their respective pages.
  • Automatic timing depending on your timing settings
  • Various ways of adding notes and reminder images to the rundown, scenes and individual segments as well as personal notes that don’t print and are only visible to you.
Rundown formatting - detail

Individualise the rundown

Through easy-to-use show/hide buttons and a text-size slider, all users can individualise the rundown to suit their needs. This means that a host and a camera operator can create entirely different-looking rundowns with a few clicks without affecting the content.

If you need to print a rundown, you can create a different rundown for different production roles through the show/hide settings.

Rundown timer for pre-recorded content

If you need to pre-record an interview or musical act, a handy timer is included in the scene controls. The time added automatically as scene duration when you save the scene, and will also substitute any previously set estimated duration.

Rundown timer
Redlining the rundown for live broadcasts

Redlining during a live event with exact running time

Dramatify’s “show mode” keeps your crew up to date with exactly where you are in the show rundown AND keeps an exact duration and running time. When you hit the play button on the next scene, duration, running time and reverse time is adjusted to display the recorded time instead of the planned time.

This allows for an interview that overruns 8 seconds or a block that unexpectedly is 20 seconds shorter. All the time displays adjust to the correct time and you’ll also clearly see how much time is left to fill — allowing you to add content to a later scene to arrive at the correct length.

Use a QR code or “secret” link to open a read-only rundown

Sometimes there is no need for studio personnel or auxiliary staff like translators to be part of the production on Dramatify as they only briefly interact with the content. That is why you can create a read-only rundown accessible through a “secret” link or a QR code that access the link through the camera of a smartphone or tablet. The link can be manually turned on and off, and you can also add a last valid date and automatically close the link after that.

Note that the QR code and secret link functionality is only included in unlimited and enterprise plans.

“Dark mode” for paperless production

Dramatify’s “dark mode” is a switch for a dark colour theme that allows for a paperless production flow through digital devices. The dark theme makes sure devices displaying the rundown in a dark studio doesn’t glow and disturb the set, while simultaneously ensuring good readability. 

Camera cards

A rundown view where you can filter on a specific camera number or several. Just as in the main rundown, you can also show or hide specific information as well as increase or decrease the font size.

Camera cards fron the rundown

Integrated cue cards for print and digital devices

How about printing cue cards directly from the rundown 10 minutes before going live? No problem! But you can also edit the rundown content even during the show and a quick reload of the host’s tablet or smartphone updates the digital cue cards live!

Learn more about our integrated cue cards >

Integration with Cue Pilot vision mixer for music and galas

The integration with the fantastic Cue Pilot vision mixer lets you create shows cut like music videos. Directors can start planning the vision mixing from the rehearsal room to stage rehearsals, then sit back and chill during the actual broadcast. Among the well-known shows using Cue Pilot is the largest show on Earth: The European Song Contest.

In Dramatify you can either link directly to Cue Card and import and update the shot list with a click or manually upload Cue Pilot shot lists. You can also do limited editing if you’d rather manually update smaller details than reimport the cue list. Regardless if you view your rundown on screen or print it, the shot list will appear neatly per scene after the scene information, action and dialogue in Dramatify.

Export to teleprompters, translation, subtitling & closed-captioning

Quickly export selected scene content to a text file for teleprompters, translation, subtitling & closed-captioning.

User-friendly episode management

Dramatify’s episode functionality includes smart sorting, technical detail information and much more.

Learn more about episodes & series >

Top image by Björn Falkevik for Dramatify


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