Managing food on set

Food preferences, catering lists, plate count and meal costs. Automagically!
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Food preferences, catering lists & plate count

Managing food for cast & crew can be resource intensive. No longer! Here’s one of Dramatify’s most “asked for” features: Food preferences, catering lists, plate count and meal costs. Automagically!

As if it’s not enough to keep track of how many meals to order, plate count and break times, now you also need to keep track of who is vegan, low carb, kosher or halal, or have an allergy. And if that’s not enough, how should meal costs be handled? Is breakfast free, but 1st and 2nd meals deducted? Or taxed? And what if some cast members have different negotiated meal costs than the rest of the cast and crew? And what if we suddenly have twenty visitors on set? Phew!

Food preferences & food allergies

No worries! Dramatify links each team member’s food preferences together with cast and crew scheduling to present you with a daily food list with the number of meals and all food preferences and allergies catering needs to be on top of.

Meal costs

Additionally, you can add general meal cost settings for cast and crew respectively, then add individual meal cost settings for the persons that require it.

Export break times, plate count and meal costs

Check meal times and consumed meals with a click. Then export complete working hours, break times, plate counts and individual meal cost instructions to your payroll department as a .csv file to import into a spreadsheet.

Add meals for visitors on set as well as snacks

Not all plates can be ordered by using information from crew and cast scheduling. Threfore, you can add extra plates, remove standard meals as well as add snacks and drinks with a few clicks. Easy!

Bon appétit!



Individual food preferences and any allergies in the personal profile

Meal cost handling - both production-wide and for specific individuals

Daily automatic catering lists with option to add snacks

Plate count and meal break time check

Export meal times and plate count as .csv to payroll

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