AV scripts

For commercials, documentaries, entertainment and other non-scripted.
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AV scripts for storyboards, commercials, documentaries, entertainment, promos, trailers and non-scripted

AV scripts for everything that isn’t a drama screenplay or a studio/live show: From a bare-bones production run down to a fully fledged storyboarded script, Dramatify’s AV scripts are super-flexible to fulfil all your needs.

AV scripts can be used for any non-scripted, i.e. non-drama, productions like documentaries, factuals, music videos and reality shows. You can also use them  to visualise trailers and promos for features as well as commercials (TVC) and corporate videos.

AV scripts that are super flexible!

AV scripts from have a super flexible set up model that allows you to include exactly the information you need for your production. The flexibility means that you can create a barebones production schedule as well as a fully fledged AV script using the same tools:

  • Scene number (mandatory)
  • Scene heading (mandatory)
  • In scene (i.e. participants / cast)
  • Storyboard image (upload an image or take one with your mobile / tablet camera)
  • Camera
  • Action
  • Dialogue
  • Sound
  • Segment time (running time will be calculated automatically with this option)
  • Production time (total production time will be calculated automatically with this option)

You can collaborate and team write AV scripts. When you are done, you easily plan the rest of the production and create call sheets for your shoot.



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