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Wardrobe for TV and film: Breakdown, measurements, management & images!


Wardrobe breakdown

Wardrobe measurements & allergies

Gallery for inspiration images & designs

Automatic list of wardrobe items per scene

Automatic extensive reporting

From script and wardrobe breakdown via cast wardrobe measurements and allergy information to detailed wardrobe items per scene and wardrobe continuity. Dramatify has the workflow you are looking for. And can share with your team!

Wardrobe for TV & film for teams!

While Dramatify can be used as a stand-alone app for wardrobe for TV and film, it’s when it’s used as an integrated production app for the entire production it shines, That means that when you as a Key Costumier or Wardrobe Designer log in, the basic prep work is already done for you – as a by-product of other processes in the production.

You’ll find the scripts (that can be screenplays, entertainment rundowns or image-based AV scripts), story order stripboard, characters and character lists, and perhaps also scheduling and casting if those have been done. You then start to build on the information your team members already have added!

Wardrobe breakdown quickly and easily

In Dramatify you have two options for the wardrobe breakdown:

First, in the main breakdown the ADs use. With the Wardrobe permission setting, you can read all information but only add and edit Wardrobe and wardrobe notes.

Secondly, in the character pages, where you can add items, but not overall scene breakdown notes for wardrobe

Regardless of which way you prefer to breakdown the scripts, you can always add images, tags and options – that can be star marked to show which option you selected! Items can be persistent, like glasses, and automatically added to every scene the character appears in.

Wardrobe breakdown reports and wardrobe continuity reports

By using the stripboards and the breakdown report features, you easily format and select the information you want in your reports with a few clicks, and see the result immediately. Show script days to check continuity or workdays for full packing lists, and more!

Your team can get their own information in the same way. Naturally, you can also create a PDF and share the document with them if you prefer.

Wardrobe inspiration and test images

After getting an idea of the scripts and the requirements, you can add inspiration images (and later test images) in the Wardrobe section. Just above you may have audition and casting images of the cast member for reference. We try to keep everything easily accessible!

Wardrobe measurements, allergy information and notes – share between productions!

The Wardrobe Measurement section holds both standard retail sizes as well as custom wardrobe measurements and allergy information. We’d added measuring charts to make sure everyone in your team measures the same way.

If you work with a cast member that has had their measurements input to Dramatify before, just click a button and import all measurements! We also provide a date when the measurements were taken.

Finishing up the wardrobe selection

The items section on the Character page will hold all items added during the breakdown, and if needed you can add items as well as images and tags to complete the wardrobe.

Wardrobe items per scene – the list

Since each item is attached to a scene, Dramatify automatically presents you with a nifty Wardrobe item list per scene.

Wardrobe continuity

Finally, you and your team can record continuity, both “before” images before the cast member is about to go on set, and on-set continuity. Snap, tag and upload.

All continuity images can then be filtered on department, episode, scene, before and on-set, as well as latest upload for reference and to avoid continuity errors. This way you can also check makeup, hair and props for the character!

Photo by yang miao on Unsplash.


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