Smart script breakdown

Dramatify’s breakdown supports unlimited scene splitting and integrates with many of the pre-production core features. 

Script breakdown – the core of your pre-production

Breaking down your script – screenplay, AV script or live & studio script – is one of the most important steps in the pre-production. With Dramatify, it’s a central information hub where different team members can breakdown the script according to their needs, roles and allowed access.

Script breakdown in Dramatify is closely tied to the screenplay, the AV script, the multi-camera live/studio script, the scene items management, the scheduling and the call sheets. This means you never need to start all over again with breakdown and planning because you had a script change. You just add and adjust for the new material!

Dramatify’s breakdown allows you to breakdown per script as usual, but you can also choose to breakdown per character, set or the latest updated scenes.

The Script Breakdown and the Final Draft / .fdx screenplay importer

The breakdown is deeply integrated with our Final Draft (.fdx) screenplay importer and will flag the latest updated scenes if you so choose.  When you import a screenplay as well as sync a rewrite, a lot of scene information will be automatically imported to the breakdown, including Final Draft’s scene notes and most of the tags.

Allowing different professions into the Script Breakdown

Since Dramatify is an online collaboration platform, you can collaborate around the breakdown. Apart from regular, full access for the AD or the line producer, you can also allow other team members into the breakdown in a limited fashion. That means that team members from props, wardrobe, makeup & hair, set design, casting and art/graphics can add scene items and notes to the breakdown for their specific area of responsibility but not affect any other breakdown information.

Split scenes in the script breakdown

If you need to split a scene into two or more parts, it only takes a click. Each scene part will keep the scene number, the scene header and the scene text. All other scene information can differ from part to part; characters, set, location, scene items, synopsis, timing & duration etc. (Note: Scene splitting is not available for entertainment rundowns.)

Unique Dramatify Script Breakdown features

Dramatify has a number of unique script breakdown features. For instance, you can add images, tags and options to scene items, specific department notes and director’s notes in addition to regular breakdown notes. You can also create locations and attach to sets straight from the breakdown which means that you can create the location list with notes for the location scouts at the same time as you are breaking down the script.

What happens to the script breakdown information?

The breakdown information is presented in a number of different ways to satisfy different requirements:

  • The Breakdown report can be filtered in various ways and you can show or hide scene item information and notes as well as characters and atmosphere characters
  • The scene item list can be filtered in a number of different ways and scene items can be added, deleted and edited.
  • The scene item Day out of Day grid works in tandem with Scheduling to present when different items are scheduled to be used.
  • Any breakdown information and scene items related to a character or a set are automatically added to the character page or the set page.
  • Story order stripboard is a read-only stripboard report engine.


Smart breakdown integrated with all other functions

Full or partial access depending on role

Breakdown & notes for props, wardrobe, makeup & hair, sets, cast & graphics

Split scenes into scene parts

Add image, tags and options to scene items

Smart lists for cast & scene items

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Key features

Production dashboard

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Automatic production updates

Automatic updates when critical details change, with the option of manual comments!

Cast & Crew Management

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Rundowns for multi-camera

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Image-based AV scripts

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Story shelf

Plan, store & bounce scenes - super useful from drama to big sports events!

Script breakdown

Smart script breakdown, including optional partial access for creative departments.

Shooting scheduling

Powerful scheduling integrated with cast DooD and all other scheduling features.

Crew Scheduling

Easy to use crew scheduling integrated with call sheets.

Cast scheduling

Smart integration with Daily Cast Schedule, DooD, stylists' scheduling & call sheets!

Daily Production Schedules

Ditch Excel and work smarter! Smart, integrated daily production schedules with powerful features. 

Semi-automatic call sheets

Integrated call sheets that writes themselves as details are added elsewhere. For print and mobile!

Catering lists - automagically!

Automatic catering lists per shooting day - including special diets & allergies!

Set design & Scenography

From auto set lists, images and breakdown to 3D files and set details!


With images, maps & automatic weather reports and much more!

Character management

Auto-lists with automatic statistics, booking sheets, stripboards and more!


Inspo images, measurements, breakdown, wardrobe lists and more!

Makeup & Hair

Integrated makeup & hair functionality with looks, cleanface, makeup charts and more!



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How to use Dramatify for cast members, including actors, anchors and hosts.



From screenplay import to semi-automatic call sheets - Dramatify helps you run a tight production.


Enjoy Dramatify's innovative rundown suite with a plethora of smart integrations.


Integrated features for both large event planning, and scripted and semi-scripted shows.

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Plan, write and produce talk shows & current affairs shows.

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Add & manage team members

Add crew and cast members, set permissions & allow access.

Add episodes & work with series

The episode functionality is super useful - even for features!

Working with rundowns

How to create rundowns for multi-camera live & studio productions.

How to work with screenplays

How to import/synch with Final Draft/.fdx, write natively and work with updates.

Working with image-based AV scripts

How to make the most out of the AV scripts.

Working with script breakdown

How to breakdown your script regardless of script format.

Working with scene items

From props to vehicles - here is how to work with scene items!

How to schedule your production

Powerful scheduling integrated with call sheets and other features.

How to schedule crew

How to work with crew scheduling, integrated with call sheets, time sheets and DPR.

Working with cast scheduling

Smart integration with scene scheduling, Daily Cast Schedule, DooD, stylists' scheduling & call sheets and more!

Creating call sheets

Call sheets almost write themselves - for mobile and print!

Working with sets & scenography

Breakdown, link to locations, share images, 3D files, add props, scene items and continuity.

Adding & working with locations

With images, releases, maps & automatic weather reports and much more!

Working with cast, characters, wardrobe, makeup & hair

A walk-through of character lists & pages, scheduling, details, linking to cast and more.

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