Crew scheduling

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Crew scheduling – integrated with call sheets, timesheets & meal management!

Schedule your crew – from availability to booking and absence – and export working hours records. Dramatify’s crew scheduling not only creates an automatic crew list in the call sheet but also integrates with timesheets and  food management.

In a visual crew schedule with an easy interface, it’s easy to book a crew member or all crew members for part of a day, a full day, a period or the entire production, as well as adding absences to the schedule.

The crew list will appear automagically on the correct days in call sheetstime sheets and food lists.

Easy filtering for a perfect view

The crew schedule can be filtered on department, team and week and, of course, the default monthly view.

Crew Scheduling & Booking for TV; film, drama, non-fiction, reality, documentary, factuals, reality


Working with crew scheduling


Smart crew scheduling with departments and teams

Automatically reflects in the call sheets.

Automatically reflected in Time Sheets.

Automatically reflected in the food & catering lists

Top image by Alan Cleaver / Flickr (CC BY SA).


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