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Rami Lindholm, gala show director, YLE (Finland)

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A full drama production flow

Dramatify offers the full drama production flow, from screenplay via breakdown, scheduling and call sheets to the almost automatic Daily Production report. Produce features,  series or telenovelas!

Our product innovations allow you to save a lot of time. Each team member can get the information they need, and input the information they should, in one place without an overworked production assistant in the middle. And you always have the complete overview over your production!

The world’s most advanced multi-camera live & studio show scripts

Enjoy our unique, collaborative script tool for multi-camera live and studio shows, developed together with live-tv show directors, production co-ordinators and script writers. It guaranteed saves time, resources and a lot of frustration.

It also features an optional “dark mode” (see the image), as well as export to tele prompters.

NEW! You can now upload and integrate shot lists from CuePilot to Dramatify’s multi-camera live & studio scripts & rundowns for an integrated production flow. CuePilot is the dedicated software for live TV shows and events. In pre-production you can test and plan visionmixer edits, as well as cues for performers and stage staff, allowing you to produce TV shows as tight and up-beat as if they were music videos.

Really amazing! Very comprehensive and affordable!

Ryan Frame, NV Studios (South Africa)

Daily Cast Scheduler

Drama shoot, live gala or weekly talkshow with guests – the daily cast scheduler allows your team to be on top of cast transport, makeup, wardrobe, rehearsals and more.

The Daily Cast Scheduler transfers all call times to the call sheet, and also adds the cast member to the Check in list and  the meal list.

Time Sheets & Check In

Time Sheets and working hours can be incredibly labour intensive to gather and process. In Dramatify it’s more or less automatic!

Let a PA check in cast and crew in our smart Check In. Export all time sheets as a .csv file to your payroll department. They are automatically also added to the Daily Production Report. Dramatify helps you to check out earlier each day!

Food preferences, meal costs, meal breaks, catering lists & plate count

A unique, complete package to handle labour intensive meals on set. With minimal work, you get compiled catering lists per day, including any specific food preferences or allergies, check off plates and break times during meal breaks, and can export a compiled .csv file to payroll at the end of the day. The information is also automatically added to the Daily Production Report. Bon Appétit!

Automagic Daily Production Reports, DPR

In another first, Dramatify lets you cut hours from each shooting day through smart technology. Our automagic DPRs collects the shooting information you and your team have added during scheduling, picks up the day’s fresh information and presents you with a draft where you manually finishes off the last details. In minutes.

Our smart digital signing process takes care of the rest!

I strongly believe that Dramatify is a breakthrough service
and will become a standard.”

Sergio Uguet de Resayre, Executive Producer (Finland / Spain)

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