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Online production management: Innovative solutions, efficiency and teamwork – from idea to reporting.

Online production management is a must for all professional TV and film productions today, regardless if you produce drama, entertainment or commercials.

Time is money and with all of the team on one page and smart software that quickly helps them find exactly the information they need when they need it, you can make sure to be on time and on budget.

Feature overview

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Film, drama, series & telenovelas

Dramatify offers smart standard features for film and drama production like screenwriting, breakdown and scheduling but ALSO mind-blowing new – nearly automatic – functionality like team collaboration, wardrobe and makeup management, catering & food, timesheets and daily production reports that save hours on set every day!

Naturally with Final Draft import & sync and automatically watermarked screenplays.

TV Entertainment, Galas, Music & Formats

Increase efficiency and speed in your TV entertainment productions! The smartest multi-camera rundown scripts for live and studio productions with Cue Pilot integration, native digital and printed cue cards, exports to teleprompters, sets, props, wardrobe, makeup and much more.

We can save you hours every day in pre-production and on set!

Talkshows & Current Affairs

With a daily or weekly talkshow, you don’t have time to spare. Increase speed and efficiency with the world’s smartest multi-camera rundowns for live and studio productions and a platform with everything from messaging to cue cards and teleprompter exports!

Documentaries & Factuals

Dramatify offers three (!) different script formats so you can find the perfect format for each specific production.  All of them are integrated with the rest of Dramatify’s features for maximum production efficiency and speed. Time is money!

Commercials & TV spots

Enjoy Instagram-style scripts with images that still allows you to use professional script breakdown and scheduling. Manage cast and crew, from collaboration and messaging, to call sheets, as well as the option to invite agency and clients to view and collaborate.

Dramatify streamlines productions. Everything for everyone is in your mobile in real time. No emails, no shared document, no missing info, no different versions. Everyone here just loves it!

Gala show director, (Finland)

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Really amazing! Very comprehensive and affordable!

Ryan Frame, NV Studios (South Africa)

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