Scheduling for film, drama, TV & video

Multi-scenario scene scheduling on the web is a first! Create any number of different shooting schedules,  import and export days on the fly from other schedule scenarios and publish to the team with a click!

Smart integration with character management and cast schedules makes sure cast members are available when you schedule them! 

Shooting scheduling – with multi-scenarios, bulk-add and easy drag’n’drop!

Scheduling your film, drama, video, documentary or TV production is fast and easy in Dramatify with innovative multi-scenario scheduling, smart automation and integrations and a user-friendly drag’n’drop interface. Schedule an unlimited number of episodes with up to five simultaneous teams, each with its own call sheet.


Schedule multiple scenarios and reschedule on the fly!

Smart bulk-scheduling of scenes with day finder

Schedule unlimited episodes and up to 5 simultaneous teams

Any new scenes will automatically show up in the scene list. You can't miss anything!

It’s fast and easy to schedule with Dramatify. The platform offers smart integrations, bulk-scheduling of scenes and multiple scenarios/versions allowing you to reschedule on the fly!

Multi-scenario scheduling

Multi-scenario schedules simply mean that you can do any number of alternative shooting schedules for your production, AND import and export single team days between schedules. You can also keep your schedule completely private, share it with a few key members or make it public for the team.

This means that you can start with creating an empty schedule that you publish to the team. This way you hide your real schedule until it’s ready. You create one shooting schedule and then – if needed –  alternatives. If you share them with your key team members, they can see how your different scenarios affect for instance cast scheduling or locations. Publish the agreed version and your team members with access can see the finished result as read-only stripboards, character stripboards for wardrobe, makeup, shooting day information in cast and crew scheduling, locations and hair as well as the foundation for call sheets.

Another way of using scenarios is if you’re worried about a specific event, say bad weather. You can then create a small scenario of a day or two with alternate scheduling. If and when the weather requires it, import the alternate scheduling to your published schedule. Of course, you also can switch out your entire published shooting schedule as well if you prefer!

Smart integrations

Scheduling integrates with many other features in Dramatify. As you add shooting and working days to the calendar, those are mirrored in the scheduling. The scenes you schedule are directly added to the call sheets so there is one point of truth, and when you schedule you can choose to check if cast members are available. At the same time, Dramatify will also warn you of any uncasted characters.

As you work with scheduling, workdays will be added to the crew scheduling, cast scheduling, the character casting sheet, day out of day (DooD) report for both cast and scene items, and the running order.

Fast scheduling with smart bulk scheduling

To make scheduling as fast and easy as possible, Dramatify has added a number of helpful features:

  • Standard working hours – if your shooting will keep somewhat standard hours, you can set them once and then change where you need to, for instance for evening or night shoots.
  • Standard banners – you can set up a “package” of standard banners with or without a duration that you usually add to a shooting day and then add them with a click. If you modify them, all new additions will reflect your new setup.
  • Bulk-scheduling – filter and identify scenes from common attributes; location, int/ext, set, characters, time of day or a mix, select which of them you want to schedule, add how maximum shooting hours per day and either set the first day to start OR let Dramatify automatically find the first available day, then click go. Dramatify will match and schedule your criteria to the best of its ability and you can then do the detailed work.
  • Split scenes and adjust duration and production times – You can split scenes both in the breakdown as well as in scheduling – as many times as you like, as well as adjust page length, duration and estimated production time. The latter three are summarised at the end of each team day so you can keep an eye on working hours and results.

Integrates with your script

Regardless if you produce fiction or non-fiction, the planning feature is totally integrated with your screenplays, AV-scripts and rundowns.

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Film & Drama

From screenplay import to semi-automatic call sheets and DPRs!


Enjoy our innovative rundown suite with tons of smart integrations.


Game on! Cover sports in the field with a premier mobile solution!

Talk Shows & Current Affairs

Easily collaborate from wherever your cast and crew are!

Factuals & Documentaries

3 different script formats, made for remote co-productions!

Children's programmes & Kid's shows

Produce any kind of kid's content with specific features for children on set!

Social media, commercials & corporate video

Image-based scripts to easily express your vision!

Key features

Production dashboard

Everything at a glance across productions!


Smart, integrated easy-to-use budgeting for any kind of production!

Automatic production updates

Automatic updates when critical details change, with the option of manual comments!

Cast & Crew Management

From interactive team lists to integrations with scheduling!

Rundowns for multi-camera

Integrated with cue cards, CuePilot, teleprompters and all our features!

Drama screenplays

Import/synch with Final Draft/.fdx, automatic script sides and automatic watermarking!

Image-based AV scripts

The perfect format for commercials, social media and storyboards!

Story shelf

Plan, store & bounce scenes - super useful from drama to big sports events!

Script breakdown

Smart script breakdown, including optional partial access for creative departments.

Shooting scheduling

Powerful scheduling integrated with cast DooD and all other scheduling features.

Crew Scheduling

Easy to use crew scheduling integrated with call sheets.

Cast scheduling

Smart integration with Daily Cast Schedule, DooD, stylists' scheduling & call sheets!

Daily Production Schedules

Ditch Excel and work smarter! Smart, integrated daily production schedules with powerful features. 

Semi-automatic call sheets

Integrated call sheets that writes themselves as details are added elsewhere. For print and mobile!

Catering lists - automagically!

Automatic catering lists per shooting day - including special diets & allergies!

Set design & Scenography

From auto set lists, images and breakdown to 3D files and set details!


With images, maps & automatic weather reports and much more!

Character management

Auto-lists with automatic statistics, booking sheets, stripboards and more!


Inspo images, measurements, breakdown, wardrobe lists and more!

Makeup & Hair

Integrated makeup & hair functionality with looks, cleanface, makeup charts and more!



A production tool for all your company's productions.

Saving time & money

How Dramatify minimise risk and saves your production time and money every day.

For Producers & Production Managers

Plan and track productions, the content, cast & crew.

For creatives

Smart, integrated tools for the creative crew, from ADs to wardrobe designers, set designers and makeup artists.

For crew

Find tools and information according to your role and access level in the production.

For cast members

How to use Dramatify for cast members, including actors, anchors and hosts.



From screenplay import to semi-automatic call sheets - Dramatify helps you run a tight production.


Enjoy Dramatify's innovative rundown suite with a plethora of smart integrations.


Integrated features for both large event planning, and scripted and semi-scripted shows.

Talk Shows & Current Affairs

Plan, write and produce talk shows & current affairs shows.

Factuals & Documentaries

With 3 different script formats, start with the one fitting your project's particular needs.

Social media, commercials & corporate video

Use the same tools as the industry professionals for your productions.

Broadcasting & live streaming

Productions powered by Dramatify reaches millions of viewers a week. Join our growing list of broadcasters!

Graphic audio

From script breakdown to recording scheduling and cast and crew booking, we handle enhanced audio productions.


Free plan

3 active users for basic drama & documentary pre-production.

Bronze plan

Starter plan for small productions & production companies

Silver plan

for up to 25 active users + unlimited productions, cast & crew.

Gold plan

MOST POPULAR with up to 50 active users + unlimited productions, cast & crew.

Platinum plan

for companies & broadcasters with up to 100 active users + unlimited productions, cast & crew.


Contact us for a custom deal that suits your needs!


Free plans for professional industry schools & educations!


Quick Start Guide

Quickly get started with your production!

Add & manage team members

Add crew and cast members, set permissions & allow access.

Add episodes & work with series

The episode functionality is super useful - even for features!

Working with rundowns

How to create rundowns for multi-camera live & studio productions.

How to work with screenplays

How to import/synch with Final Draft/.fdx, write natively and work with updates.

Working with image-based AV scripts

How to make the most out of the AV scripts.

Working with script breakdown

How to breakdown your script regardless of script format.

Working with scene items

From props to vehicles - here is how to work with scene items!

How to schedule your production

Powerful scheduling integrated with call sheets and other features.

How to schedule crew

How to work with crew scheduling, integrated with call sheets, time sheets and DPR.

Working with cast scheduling

Smart integration with scene scheduling, Daily Cast Schedule, DooD, stylists' scheduling & call sheets and more!

Creating call sheets

Call sheets almost write themselves - for mobile and print!

Working with sets & scenography

Breakdown, link to locations, share images, 3D files, add props, scene items and continuity.

Adding & working with locations

With images, releases, maps & automatic weather reports and much more!

Working with cast, characters, wardrobe, makeup & hair

A walk-through of character lists & pages, scheduling, details, linking to cast and more.

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