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Running orders with flexible filters and easy customisation

Dramatify’s running orders are an automatic feature from the scene scheduling feature. The running order is a read-only stripboard which means that many people in the team can be allowed access and get their own information. 

Running order for teams

Running order stripboards and reports in Dramatify are more. Not only with a lot of smart features, but also team-enabled. That means that you can give access to these read-only running orders to anyone in the team who needs them and they can get their own – always updated – information.

Running orders in Dramatify are an automatic feature that is based on scene scheduling. It’s the read-only view of Scheduling which means that you can add access permissions for team members who should be able to access running orders and be able to get their own information. 

Running orders – a powerful report engine

Because the running orders both are team-enabled and easily customised through dropdown filters and show/hide buttons, many roles in the team can use it to create their own reports beyond the running order, e.g. costume continuity, vehicle planning etc.

The running order can be filtered on teams, working/shooting days, date range, character, atmosphere cast and locations. Further, by showing or hiding specific information you can format the strips as well as include or exclude information ranging from duration and production time to characters/cast, scene item, breakdown notes from various departments as well as statistics of the current selection. This makes running order a very powerful reporting engine for many members of your team.

Stripboards that handles split scenes and multiple teams

The Running Order and its sister feature Story order both handle multiple teams as well as an unlimited of split scenes. Scenes can be split in the scheduling without having to duplicate a scene, and easily dropped on different teams, say live-action, SFX and CGI. the Running Order stripboard will naturally exactly reflect your scheduling.

Running order for mobile

Dramatify conveniently shows you and your team the production stripboards formatted for the screen of your favourite device, may it be your smart phone or the office big screen TV at a staff meeting. 

Running order for print

If you want to print your stripboard, you can format it with a few easy clicks – add or remove information, filter it on teams or certain shooting days, as well as add a headline and an intro text. The printed running order will automatically feature your production company logo.



Stripboard view of scheduling

Fast formatting for both digital views and print

Smart filters to display exactly the information you need

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