The Production Dashboard

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Your production dashboard – stay updated at a glance!

Staying updated while in production is a challenge! Dramatify’s dashboard displays the most important information happening across all of your productions at a glance!

At Dramatify, we work hard to keep you and all of your team members updated and in the loop. The dashboard – right there after you have logged in – keeps you on top of the latest updates across all of your productions. Your team members will also see their updates; everyone according to their role and permission level in each production.

At the dashboard you’ll find your latest:

  • production updates
  • messages
  • documents shared with you, or which you have shared
  • team members
  • any call sheets of productions shooting today
  • your active productions

Your team members will see information according to their access rights which you set when they are invited to the production.


Your latest messages

Latest production updates

The latest documents shared with you

New team members

Any call sheets shooting today

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