Cue Cards – integrated with the rundown! For tablets, smartphones and print!

Cue cards in seconds! No more time-consuming formatting. No more paper craft. No more cutting, glueing and sorting just before the show. Just print your cue cards directly from the rundown – or bring them up on your tablet or smartphone. That’s efficient production! 

Dramatify’s cue cards are integrated with our world-class multi-camera rundown script format making it effortless to keep up with last-minute additions and changes as well as the option of a completely paperless production flow. 

Cue cards integrated with the rundown

As you write your script in the multi-camera rundown, the cards are automatically prepared. By marking your dialogue, you prepare not only the cue cards but also teleprompter exports.

In-line camera instructions

In addition to dialogue, Dramatify also includes any information in the camera column such as camera number and camera instructions.

Due to Dramatify’s segment tool, each camera and camera instructions are always in line with the relevant dialogue information – making it easy for the host to address the correct camera.

Time codes

Dramatify automatically includes a few pieces of information: 

  • Scene number and scene heading
  • Pages per scene
  • Time codes – that reflect the setting options in the rundown
    • Scene time
    • Running time (accumulated scene time
    • Real-time (i.e. broadcasting time)
    • Reversed time (i.e. planned time left)

Swipe through the cards

The digital cue cards are designed with white lettering on a black background for maximum readability. With a few clicks to customise the cards in regard to typeface and text size, you access the digital cue cards. To navigate between cards, you simply swipe. There is also a jump menu if you need to jump backwards or forwards. 

Print cue cards in a variety of paper sizes

With a few clicks to customise the printed cue card regarding to typeface and text size as well as paper size, you generate them on the fly. The printed cards are black lettering on whichever paper colour you choose to print on, with additional information in grey. 

Additional information includes the same information as the digital cue cards such as Scene heading and time codes, but also the following:

  • Production name and episode number
  • Print time and date
  • Page number 

The cue cards can be printed as

  • A6 – printed as four cards per A4
  • A5 – printed as two cards per A4
  • A5 – printed on A5 cards directly
  • A4 – either printed as landscape or portrait

Should you need a different paper size, please let us know


Print and view cue cards directly from the rundown!

4 different type faces - including one for people with astigmatism.

Choose between 5 different text sizes

Choose between 5 different print size options

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