I can't see some navigation tabs!

On permissions to different Dramatify sections.
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I can’t see some navigation tabs!

Dramatify doesn’t look the same for everyone. What you have access to depends on your role in the production.

If Dramatify looks a bit different on your device compared to your team members – most notably that some production navigation tabs in the sidebar like characters, location and planning are missing, it’s by design.Not everyone in the team have access to every item in the navigation menu in the right sidebar.

If a colleague or an instruction here on the Dramatify FAQ say for instance “Click on the character tab!” and you definitely can’t find any character tab, it’s not you who have gone blind or crazy.

General member access

The general team member have access to the following tabs in the right hand menu; Production, Docs 6 Resources, People, Scenes and Call sheets, as well as Messages in the top navigation.

Also, general team members do NOT have access to edit or change the content in any of these, thus lacking the orange admin icon in the upper left that Production Admin members have.

If you need to have access to editing content or any of the “missing” navigation tabs, you have to ask your producer (or other Dramatify Production Admin) to make you a Production Admin too by either changing your role to a role in the “Production” or “Direction” departments, or making you Head of (your) Department.

Read the FAQ articles below to get going!

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