Managing scene items

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Managing scene items

Adding and keeping track of scene items for TV and film productions can be a nightmare – or a delight. Dramatify helps you manage all the scene items for your production!

Scene item management in Dramatify gives you smart mobile functionality, lists that you can filter and sort as well as solid support for anybody in your team that handles any kind of scene items.

You can add anything as a scene item and attach it to the appropriate department so they know what they need to handle.

Where do I find scene items?
Scene items can be added and managed in several places in Dramatify as we’ll shown you below, but the main Scene item management is in Scenes > Scene items.


STEP 1: Scene item basics
There are four ways you can add and manage scene items in Dramatify:

  1. in the breakdown
  2. in the scene items section
  3. in the individual pages for characters
  4. in the individual pages for sets
STEP 2: Adding scene items in the breakdown
Usually, you start adding scene items in the breakdown. You reach the breakdown by going to Scenes in the right hand menu, and then clicking on Breakdown in the toolbar.

Add a new scene item

To add a new scene item, click the link “Add a new scene item”.

Add new scene items

In the popup that follows, name the scene item, select what it’s going to be attached to and the department responsible for it.

Add scene items

You can add anything as a scene item, from obvious items like props, wardrobe and furniture, to crowd control, lights and specific camera equipment. You can add scene items to a set, to a character or to the scene itself.

Scene items attached to a set

Items added to a set are items that don’t change between scenes if that set is used again, such as furniture. Any set items will be automatically added to the breakdown whenever you reuse a set.

Scene items attached to a scene

Items that are only used in one or a few scenes, are added to the particular scene or scenes they are needed in.

Scene items attached to a character

Items that belong to a character are attached to that character, and can be persistent or the more common non-persistant. A persistent item is something that should always accompany a character, like glasses, a wheel-chair or special effects makeup. A persistent item is added automatically to the breakdown whenever that character is added to a scene. To make a scene item belonging to a character persistent,  check the box at “Persistent prop / attribute”

Add scene items

Scene items attached to a department

You also decide which department each scene item belongs to. Later, this makes easy for each department to see what they are responsible for handling.

Add an existing scene item

To add a scene item that you already added to another scene, just write the first letters of the scene item name, and you will get a list of suggestions.  Click to add it to the scene.

Add scene item

STEP 3: The scene items list

The scene items list

If you have  forgotten what scene items you have added, want to edit them in some way, or do advanced sorting or filtering – head to the scene items list.

You’ll find it by going to Scenes in the right hand menu, and then clicking on Scene items in the toolbar.

A tip! If you want to have the scene items list handy while you work in the breakdown, just open it in a new browser tab so you have the breakdown open in one tab and the scene item list in another. Don’t forget to refresh the scene item list as you add items in the breakdown.

Filter scene items

You can view the scene item list alphabetically and then also filter on scene, set, character and department, and any combination of those. That means you can for instance view everything your department is responsible for at a set or in a scene.

Scene items list

Sort scene items

You can also sort scene items on groups – meaning that you see all available scene items – grouped on set, character and department, in one long list, or view all the scene items for a single scene.

Sort and filter scene items

Add and edit items outside of the breakdown

In Scene items, you can also add and edit items outside of the breakdown, from correcting spelling errors and changing scene numbers, to changing who an item belongs to.  This functionality also allows departments to add their own required items.

To add a new scene item, just click the big blue button above the list named “+ Add scene item”.

To edit a scene item, just click the blue link of the item itself.

Scene item options

Scene items can also have options added, if you for instance need to try out different selected items to find the one that fits best. To add a scene item option:

  1. Click on the scene item you want to add an option to
  2. Add the scene item and click OK.
  3. If you want to add a second scene item: When you have added a first option, you will

Delete a scene item

To delete a scene item, just move the cursor in front of the item until you see a box appear.

Check the box and click delete.

Scene item list

Bulk delete scene items

Should you want to bulk delete scene items, check “Select All” at the top of the list to the left.

Bulk delete scene items

Bulk delete scene items

To stop any individual items from being removed, just click on the item’s checkbox to de-select it. Then click the red delete button to delete the scene items.

STEP 4: Managing scene items on set pages

Managing scene items on set pages

You can also work with scene items directly on the individual set pages. Any scene items belonging to a set, added to the breakdown, is automatically displayed on the set page.  The set construction and props departments along with any admin,  can add and edit scene items and scene item options as well as getting a clear overview over each set.

To go to the set pages, just click Sets in the right hand menu, and then select the set you want to work with from the set list.

Add a new scene item

To add a new scene item, just click add item.

Add scene items on set pages

Add a new scene item option

To add an option to a scene item, just click on the edit menu and select Add item option.

Add scene item option
Add scene item option on set page

Change a scene item or scene item option

To change a scene item or an option, select Edit item instead in the menu.

Filter the set’s scene items on departments

Note that you can easily filter scene items on departments in the dropdown above the list to learn exactly what your department is responsible for.

Filter scene items on set pages

STEP 5: Managing scene items on character pages

Managing scene items on character pages

The character pages work pretty much the same as the set pages. These can be accessed by admins as well as the members of the props, wardrobe and hair and makeup departments.

To go to the character pages, click Characters in the right hand side menu and then select the character you want to work with.

Adding a new scene item to a character

To add a new scene item, just click add item.

Add scene item to character

To add an option to a scene item, just click on the edit menu and select Add item option.

Add scene item options on character pages
Add scene item option on character pages

Persistent and non-persistent items

One big difference compared to sets, is that characters can have both persistent and non-persistent scene items.

The persistent items don’t have a scene number, but are instead indicated by the text Always. A persistent scene item is something that a character should have in every scene like glasses or a wheelchair. It is automatically added to every scene in that the character is added to.

Filter on persistent and non-persistent items

Above the scene item list to the left, you can also filter scene items on persistent and non-persistent items if you want.

Filter on persistent and non-persistent scene items on characters

Scene item per scene for the character

Below the scene item list, you also find the scene items for each scene for this character.

STEP 6: Working with scene items on mobile
Scene items on mobile
Since Dramatify works great on mobile, set designers and props can add scene items and options  on the go in their smart phones.

Top photo by Karen Roe / Flickr (CC BY) ).

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