Watermarking screenplays

And adding a cover page for printing
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Watermarking screenplays and adding a cover page for printing

It is super easy to prepare your screenplay for printing and make sure your screenplay is both watermarked and trackable. Here is how!

Dramatify watermark basics
Watermarking screenplays is industry standard. But we think it shouldn’t cost you a lot of effort or money! Therefore, every screenplay that is printed from Dramatify is automatically watermarked, tagged and trackable. You don’t have to do anything!

Each page in each copy that is printed from Dramatify – regardless if it’s printed on paper or as a pdf –automatically have a footer with printing and copyright information that says “Printed [date] for [name of the team member that printed the screenplay] [title of the person] [email address] © [The Production Company name]”. It looks something like this:

Printed 2015-01-01 for
Jane Smith, screenwriter
© The Production Company

Adding a watermark
The watermark is more or less also added automatically, at least if you have added a logo to the production company profile that was set up when first registered. You can check the image by going to the Production page of your production and clicking on the production company name. Just click on the arrow beside “Me” in the upper navigation row, and then on your production company.

At the profile page of the production company, you will see a square version of the logo. The logotype might be cut off on the profile page to fit into the allowed space, but will be seen in full as a watermark. Click on the Edit (pen) icon to review the logotype, to change it or to add one if it is absent. As a watermark, the logo will always appear in light grey to ease reading, regardless if it is in colour on the profile page or in a greyscale.

How to add a customised cover page
If you import your screenplay, the cover page will not be included in the import file, and if you write from scratch in Dramatify you naturally haven’t made a cover page yet. Note that only the screenplay format can get a cover page and a watermarked script.

1) Click on Scripts (& Episodes).  If your production uses episodes, choose the episode script you want to add a cover page to.

2) Click on the menu icon at the right hand side of the orange toolbar, and choose Edit script. Just fill in the fields in the bottom parts of the page under “Cover page”.

Add cover page

The Edit Script page includes several different areas for different information according to American Screenwriting Standard.

  • Credit information underneath the title, centered on the middle of the page
  • Draft and version, left side of the page
  • Screenplay contact information, right side of the page
  • Copyright information in a centered footer where you also can put registration information if your screenplay is registered.

View a sample with a cover page and a script page.

That’s it!

Top image by Tomas Sobek / Flickr (CC BY) ).


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