Roles and permissions in Dramatify

"Who sees what?" and "Who can do what?"
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Roles and permissions in Dramatify

“Who sees what?” and “Who can do what?” are common questions we get.  Here is how Dramatify work regarding roles and permissions.

Manage permissions
Click on People and then select the individual whose permissions you want to change. Click on the Edit icon in the lower right corner of the card.

Use the edit menu to change permissions.

On the production detail page you can change permissions for each team member.

Turn off access for a team member
Remove access You can turn off access to a team member in two ways:

You click “Remove Access” on the team member’s profile card on the People page. This will shut down their access, but their card will stay in the team list, team report and cast Day out of Days report. This is useful for crew and cast that is only working for a few days or weeks. If you want to give this person access again, just click edit on their card and allow access again.

You click “Remove from production” to completely remove a team member from the production, including the team list, team report and cast Day out of Day report. This is useful if a hired team member suddenly needs to terminate the engagement or if you made a mistake adding that person.

Permission basics
Dramatify have three different types of entities:

  1. The Production Company that is responsible for the Production.
  2. The Production, i.e the production that a production company is producing.
  3. The Personal Account, i.e. the account of a person using Dramatify that may or may not be tied to a Production and a Production Company.

We also currently have three main tiers of permissions in a production:

  1. Production Company Administrators
  2. Production Admins
  3. Regular team members
Production Company Administrators
A Production Company Administrator is the person who registered a Production Company to start a Production. He or she is the “superadmin” who can do basically anything within both the Production Company account as well as the Production account.

TIP! It’s smart to add another person as Production Company administrator in case something should happen to the original account creator, his or her account, or email. Forgotten logins are not too uncommon.

Production Admins
A Production Admin can add, edit and delete most things in the production.

The orange key indicate Admins on the profile cards.

NOTE! No admin can remove the admin permission from their own profile. If you want to decrease your admin level, you need to ask another admin to do it. This is a security feature.

Team members

Regular team members

Regular team members  can do three things:

  • Read and edit their own profile
  • Read, post and comment in the inbox newsfeed to messages posted to the entire production, to their department or their person
  • Read the production’s public documents:
    • read the Production overview
    • read and download Documents
    • read the Production overview
    • read “People“, i.e team profiles
    • read call sheets
    • read, add and comment on Messages

Team members with extra permissions

A few departments in the team have automatic extra permissions in Dramatify.

  • The wardrobe, props, hair & makeup departments automatically have access to Characters and can add scene items outside of the breakdown, as well as scene item options.
  • The set construction department as well as the props department automatically have access to Sets and can add scene items outside of the breakdown, as well as scene item options.

Top image by Bro. Jeffrey Pioquinto, SJ/Flickr (CC BY 2.0).


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