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Here's how you invite your team to Dramatify!
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Invitation and access to Dramatify

Here’s how sign up for Dramatify and invitation for crew and cast works.

The today pageProducer, Line Producer, Production Manager or Production Coordinator

To create a production in Dramatify, you must first set up a personal and a business account. It’s free for the first user in a production – sign up here! From that account you can set up one or several productions, invite team members and manage your production from script all the way to and through the shoot.

Team member

If you are a team member, you need to be invited to a production to use Dramatify. The nifty thing about Dramatify though, is that you only need to keep track of your one and only Dramatify login and you only need to set up your profile once, regardless of how many projects you work on. We do the rest and keep track of your jobs and where you should be each day.

Image by Katbaulu / Flickr. The people portrayed have no relation with Dramatify.

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