Flush & delete data

How to bulk-delete production data
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Flush & delete production data

Some times you may want to flush all or part of your production data. Perhaps a screenplay import didn’t turn out like you expected. Perhaps a major rewrite caused such big changes it’s better to throw everything away and start fresh. Or perhaps your production has taken a new path and you’d like to start over. 

Where do I find the flush data functionality?

You’ll find the flush data functionality under Production in the right sidebar menu. Click on Settings in the orange toolbar and then on “Delete content from production.”

Delete content


Flush or delete content from the production

In the Delete content from production feature, you can flush all content or select specific content to delete, according to the image below. Note that you can not delete an episode and NOT ALSO delete the script of that episode. Deleting a script without deleting the episode works fine though.

In order to check several items to delete, the Select All box must be checked.

Flush all data or delete content in bulk


Only delete certain items

If you only want to delete certain items from a production like a character, a set or an episode, you do that on the edit page of each item.

Delete an entire production

Normally you archive a production to end it. Then you always have the option of opening and reawaken it again. However, if you want everything gone, please email us from with in the Dramatify app, by using the Help function in the top menu.

Top photo by Pedro Ribeiro Simões/Flickr of a Paula Rego tryptich, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (CC BY 2.0)

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