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Dramatify supports screenplays and non-fiction scripts in Farsi
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Persian scriptwriting: Dramatify supports screenplays and non-fiction scripts in Farsi

Scriptwriting in Farsi have be difficult due to the lack of software support. Until now that is! Dramatify is the only program in the world to support scriptwriting and screenwriting in Farsi.

Dramatify supports drama screenplays in Farsi for feature film and short film. We also support non-fiction ( a k a “AV scripts“) in Arabic for documentaries, commercials, storyboards, music videos, reality shows as well as the world’s best multi-camera live & studio scripts for galas, entertainment shows, talk shows and current affairs. The rest of Dramatify’s features is also adapted for Farsi.

Persian screenplays based on American screenwriting industry standard

For scriptwriting drama in Farsi, we have based our Farsi screenplay formatting off the American screenplay standard. The font is the standard Courier used for screenplays.

We offer quick formatting for all common formatting needs, such as character, dialogue, parenthesis, transitions etc. Some formatting differs from Latin language formatting due to the lack of uppercase letters in Farsi. Slugs, characters and transitions are traditionally formatted with UPPERCASE letters. In Farsi, we have replaced those with bold instead.

Non-fiction scripts ( AV scripts and multi-camera live & studio scripts) in Farsi for entertainment, documentaries and commercials

Scriptwriting for documentaries, shows and entertainment suddenly became a lot simpler with our support for Farsi. Dramatify have added support for Farsi in our super flexible non-fiction scripts. With them you can do everything from simple daily production schedules for live shows and reality shows to built out, storyboarded scripts for documentaries, current affairs, entertainment, commercials and music videos. Not to forget to mention that they are an excellent tool for creating promos and trailers for your feature film or TV series.

Dramatify supports more than screenplays and scripts in Farsi

Dramatify is however not only a script and screenwriting solution. Screenplays and non-fiction scripts are tied into a platform that supports your production from script development through breakdown and scheduling to shooting.

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