Didn't get an invitation or activation email

How to fix vanished emails
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Didn’t get an invitation or activation email

The most common questions we have at Dramatify are email problems. And they usually have a common root: an incorrect email address.

A correct email address is necessary for us to be able to send you an invitation to join a production and for you to be able to login. In fact, the function of the activation email is to make sure that you have entered the correct email address when registering.

Three common questions are:

1) I have invited people to join my production on Dramatify, but they say they haven’t gotten an invite

2) I’ve been invited to join a production on Dramatify, but I haven’t received any invitation in my email inbox

3) I have registered on Dramatify, but when I try to log in, Dramatify says I need to activate my account and I can’t find any activation email

To solve this:

1) Check the spam folder in your email inbox, some services put most transactional emails there. Also, try searching your email for “Dramatify”.

2) Double check the spelling of your email address. Computers are not smart and can’t compensate for spelling errors.

My team members do not get invitations

If the problem is an invitation that have not been received, please recheck the email address. If it is incorrect, revoke the invitation and redo it, this time with the correct address. Otherwise, please ask them to follow the steps above.

Activation email still can’t be found

If you can’t find your activation email, you have most likely registered with an incorrect email address. Please email us at hello@dramatify.com using the email address you registered with, to get your account activated.


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