Working with animals

Two different ways of working with animals
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Working with animals in Dramatify

Dramatify offers two ways of working with animals in your production, depending on your needs.

You can work with animals in your production either as a character or as a scene item. If your animal or animals are mainly set decoration or background atmosphere, we suggest using the scene item feature.

If the animal is an important character we suggest adding it as a character that can be independently scheduled, can have “wardrobe” (e.g. saddles, collars etc), be connected with a specific animal handler that is invited as a cast member and will receive call sheets etc.

Adding animals as scene items

Adding an animal as a scene item works just like other scene items. You can add it in the breakdown or in the scene item list. 

In the breakdown, you click on Other Items to expand it, and then on Add new item

Breakdown in Dramatify


Adding animals as characters
If an animal is an important character, you may want to add it as a character. That gives the following benefits:

  • it gets it’s own character page where you can breakdown and add any scene items belonging to it (saddles, harnesses, collars etc.)
  • you can link it to a an animal handler that is treated like a cast member
  • you can schedule it like a cast member with both cast availability, DooD and daily cast schedule for cast calls, rehearsals, wardrobe, prep etc.
  • it will be on the call sheets as a cast call

Go to Cast & Characters and click Add character. You can choose which type of character your animal should be sorted as. If you want to create a specific labelling for your animal you can add for instance an A to the Suffix box.
Adding an animal as a character in Dramatify
Further down on the Character page you can add an animal handler as a cast member, who then will get cast calls, call sheets etc like any other cast member. You can either first add that person in the People section (Note! You must add the Cast > Animal handler role for it to link with a character), and simply select the cast member with the dropdown, or directly invite the cast member by clicking “Invite new cast member”. You can invite a cast member at any time during the production.
Linking an animal handler to an animal character in your production
Adding an animal handler to a character
In the character listing, the animal will then come out like this:
Animals in the character listing

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