Administering team members

Permission & access
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Administering team members

Team members can be given different roles and permissions as well as increased visibility in certain areas.

NEW! Turning access to your production off and on, while keeping team members in the team list.

Read more below at “6. Team report and the cast Day out of Day report.

Invitation and sign up
To start a production, you sign up (unless you already have a Dramatify account).

A  member is always invited to join a production through Dramatify, they do not sign up by themselves unless they also run productions themselves.

STEP 1: Inviting a team member
After starting a production, you can immediately begin adding team members and get the discussion going in the newsfeed. You invite team members by choosing the “People” tab and clicking on “Add crew & cast”.

Add members

See if the person you want to invite already are a Dramatify member.


Either choose an existing Dramatify member or invite a new person. You can always decide to either invite them immediately, or add them to the production and invite them later. For new members you can set up their profile for them if you want.

NOTE! Note that they will get messages that is posted to their inbox through the Dramatify newsfeed, regardless if they have registered and created a profile, or not. This is to ensure that everyone receives important information.


STEP 2. Adding production details and permissions
When you add an new member to your production, you can add production details and permissions.

You can

  • add them to one or more teams
  • make them an admin – meaning they have read and write access to all parts of your production
  • make them Head of Department that includes automatic addition to the HoD message list and contact info in the requirements section of the call sheets
  • make them a Useful Contact which means that their name, role and phone number will be displayed in printed call sheets
  • make them a Principal Member which means that they will be credited on the Production page and in printed call sheets
  • upload a personal release and/or contract to keep track of all paper work
  • add public production notes



When you add a new person, you can either just add production details and permissions like above or also set up your new team members profile with as much or as little profile information you like.


STEP 3: Building your team list
You clearly see in the team list who is active members and who is not invited yet. Just look for the striped bottom that indicates that a member is not yet invited. The coloured top border on each member card indicates if a member in not yet invited, invitation pending or refused.

Clicking on a card’s communication icons gives you one click direct messaging, calling, texting and emailing. Below you can see a team member’s qualifications. Click on the edit menu to the right in the toolbar gives you a glossary of the icons.

Clicking on the edit menu on each card, allows you to edit production details, resend invitations and revoke invitations.

Clicking on the upper part of a card and you open the production details and also find a link to the full profile.


STEP 4: How the invitation works
When you send an invitation to a new team member, Dramatify will send an email to invite them to the production. Your name, production company and production name will be clearly displayed.

Clicking on the big blue button sends the invited member to a login page. A team member who already have used Dramatify for other productions, simply login and accept your invitation. If they are new to Dramatify, they sign up and create a profile page.

STEP 5: Shutting off access for team members
Some of your team members should only have access to your production for a short while. You can shut them off in two ways:

  1. You click “Remove Access” on the team member’s profile card on the People page. This will shut down their access, but their card will stay in the team list, team report and cast Day out of Days report. If you want to give this person access again, just click edit on their card and allow access again.
  2. You click “Remove from production” to completely remove a team member from the production, including the team list, team report and cast Day out of Day report. This is useful if a hired team member suddenly needs to terminate the engagement or if you made a mistake adding that person.

Who sees what?
What different team members can do and access in Dramatify depends on the role you have given them. Read Roles & Permissions to get an overview. In general, people you make Admins can see and administer most things in relation to the production.
Personal Data Processing Consent
NOTE! Each person accepting your invitation needs to accept a allowing your company to handle their data. This is mandatory by EU law for any processing and storage of personal data. This is to protect your production company as the Personal Data Processor, not Dramatify.
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