How to add another Production Company Administrator

Add another Production Company Administrator to be safe and have a back-up person!

A Production Company Administrator is the person who registered a Production Company to start a Production. He or she is the “superadmin” who can do basically anything within both the Production Company account as well as the Production account.

It’s smart to add another person as Production Company administrator in case something should happen to the original account creator, his or her account, or email. Forgotten logins are not too uncommon.

How to add another admin

STEP 1: Login to your Dramatify account and select one of the productions that are being produced by the Production Company to which you want to add an administrator.

STEP 2: Click on the name of the Production Company (in the example above that is “The Movie Company”).

Choose Production Company

STEP 3: Click on Settings in the toolbar to add an Administrator.

Production company settings



Step 4: Add the name of the person you want to add as Administrator.

Note! The person you add as Administrator must already have been invited to Dramatify and any Production connected to the Production Company. They must also have registered a personal account.

Add production company admin


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