Can I import from Screenwriter, Celtx, PDF or MS Word?

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Can I import from Screenwriter, Celtx, PDF or MS Word?

Dramatify offers import from Final Draft and other screenwriting programs that offer the .fdx file export.

Import basics

The reason is that Final Draft’s XML file format not only includes the text of the screenplay, but also a lot of other information known as “metadata”. This means that the .fdx file contains machine information on where a scene starts and ends, what the slug is, what is action, dialogue, parenthesis and transitions respectively, who is in the scene and what time of day it is.

As Movie Magic Screenwriter and Celtx only exports to pure text formats without any metadata, Dramatify don’t know what to do with it. It’s the same case with MS Word and PDFs. There is nothing to separate scenes from each other, or tell the difference between action and dialogue. Therefore, Dramatify can’t import it.

NOTE! MovieMagic Screenwriter is beta testing their new XML format, and we will, if possible, add that as soon as it’s officially released in the fall.

How to get screenplays from Screenwriter, Celtx and other formats into Dramatify

There are four ways of getting your Screenwriter or Celtx screenplay, or any other screenplay you have in a text format  – such as .txt, .rtf, .doc, .docx or a PDF – into Dramatify:

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  • use the free version of Writer-Duet (online) to import your screenplay and export it to the .fdx file format
  • use the free Trelby (Windows/Linux) to import your screenplay and export it to the .fdx file format
  • buy Highland from the Mac app store and do the same. Highland is also the best alternative for PDFs
  • simply copy and paste your screenplay into Dramatify
Write your screenplay from scratch in the right format

Naturally, you can also write your screenplay from scratch in Dramatify or use Writer-DuetTrelby or any other .fdx compatible program like Final Draft, Scrivener, Storyist, Adobe Story, FadeIn Pro, Scripts Pro (iOS), MovieDraft or ScriptWrite. You can also use any of these to reformat your script written in Screenwriter, Celtx, MS Word or already exported as a PDF.


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