Devices that works with Dramatify – mobiles, tablets & computers

Devices that support Dramatify

Dramatify is a modern web app. That means it lives in your web browser and you can use it in any internet enabled device with a modern browser; mobile phones, smart phones, tablets and computers.

There is nothing to download and nothing complicated to install. You and your team just point your web browser – on any device – to or use the login link at the upper right corner above. You can bookmark the address. On your smart phone or tablet that means you can add an icon to your screen that looks just like any other app icon. On desktop you can add an easy to see link in your desktop browser menu bar.

Off line support

In case your internet connection drops, Dramatify caches your most important production documents; scripts, team lists and call sheets. If your browser says “No internet connection” or similar, just hit the back button and you can access your production.

Dramatify is tested on

Dramatify should also work with newer versions of Internet Explorer but download any of the above-mentioned free browsers to be sure. If you have an older mobile phone, you can try downloading Opera which should work with Dramatify.


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