Working with crew scheduling

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Working with crew scheduling

Crew scheduling is very easy in Dramatify, just a few clicks and you’re done! Crew scheduling integrates with both call sheets and working hours. Here’s how!


Where do I find Crew Scheduling?
You’ll find crew scheduling in the sidebar menu under People, then click on Crew schedule in the orange toolbar.


Who appears in the crew scheduler?
Everyone in the production invited to Dramatify appears in the crew list, save cast members. You can see who they are under People > Production crew and Other.
What can I schedule with the Crew Scheduler?
In the Crew Scheduler you check off who are working on set which production day. The scheduling is a simple: a check mark if a person should be working, leave blank if not.

To make scheduling easier you have three different quick-set options:

  1. Mark all days off (default) or on – at the page top.
  2. Per person: Add work all days
  3. Per person: Add work no days

The workdays are added either on the Planning > Days page, or added directly in Planning > Scheduling, the scene scheduler.

Crew scheduling, working with

In Dramatify you can add up to 5 different teams, each with their own call sheet; purple, red, green, 2nd unit and 3rd unit. You select which teams your production should have in Production > Edit production.

In the crew scheduler you see which team or teams every person belongs to by the colours next to their names. You add a person to one or more teams on their production setting page. Go to People and click on the edit menu in the lower right corner on the team member’s profile card.

To make it easier to schedule per team, you can filter on teams in the top.

Crew scheduling for teams

Call sheet integration - crew list
The crew scheduler is directly integrated with the call sheets. Each team member are shown in the crew list of the team they belong to. If they belong to more than one team, their name will be seen in two or more call sheets. If they do not belong to any team, their name WILL NOT be shown at all in the call sheets.
Integrating with Time Sheets & Food Management
ll crew members checked to work a certain day will appear in the Time Sheet list for that day and also be counted for meals if you haven’t shut that off in the individual settings. You find the list under On set > Check In/Out.

Unlike the call sheets, team members who are NOT members of a team, will also be shown if they are checked to work. The working hours can then be exported and imported to a spreadsheet application of your choice.

Top image byTimothyJ / Flickr (CC BY 2.0)


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