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Import from Movie Magic Scheduling, distribute digitally

Import from Movie Magic Scheduling, distribute digitally

As the first online platform in the world, Dramatify launches export – import from Movie Magic Scheduling. This allows you to both keep on working like you’re used to, and harness the power of mobile distribution and immediacy. 

We want you to be able to both keep the cookie and eat it. Now you can do your planning and scheduling in Movie Magic like you are used to, and then import your scheduling to Dramatify.

In Dramatify, you match up your planning with your script, create our mobile friendly call sheets and publish them with a click. Your team can access all core production documents on their favourite device, online and offline.

Immediate updates

Online call sheets can – unlike traditional ones – be updated on the fly if necessary. That means there are no more waiting for call sheets to be updated, printed and distributed. With Dramatify messaging you can also inform your team about the changes to really get the message through.

A first version to be extended

In this first version, the Movie Magic Scheduling import works for feature films, short films and series where you can export the planning for one episode at a time. You can shoot scenes from several episodes the same day in our call sheets, we just need each episode matched with the script for that episode to get the import right. The import will later be extended to work for series that plan in blocks.

Try it out and let us know what you think

The Movie Magic Scheduling import is an answer to what many producers have requested that we build. We build what the industry is demanding. Let us know what you think about the new feature and what you would like to see in the future. If you aren’t already a Dramatify user, sign up here!


NOTE: Movie Magic Scheduling import requires that you have a copy of Movie Magic Scheduling and a valid license. You can buy it at the Entertainment Partner web site.

Expanding locations with sets

Expanding locations with sets

In our continuous build-out of Dramatify’s features, we are now adding sets to locations. This makes planning easier for professionals, especially for productions with lots of studio or sound-stage shooting.

Since there is a tad confusion in the industry of what a set is and a location is, and the difference between them – and that it also can be hard to distinguish for our multilingual users, here is an explanation!

A Set is the scene where your action will take place. You find them in the middle of the screenplay’s slugs, here in bold:


Some sets require that you build elaborate sets, others can be shot in an existing location. You can shoot an almost unlimited numbers of sets in one location, like a studio or a sound stage, but never one set in multiple locations. Also a set doesn’t necessarily need a location, if you for instance do CGI work instead.

While a set usually is quite unspecific; “Street”, “Car”, “A view of Paris”, a location is the specific, physical place where you intend to shoot.

In Dramatify, you link the set of “A view of Paris” to the physical location of “9 Rue du Cardinal Dubois, 75018 Paris, France” from where you can shoot a nice view of Paris as shown in the image from Google Streetview above. With the location, Dramatify also give you maplinks and an automatic weather forecast in your call sheet.

Some confusion arise due to the fact that what Dramatify (and Movie Magic) call a set, Final Draft (and Final Draft compatible programs) call a location.

We have two excellent tutorials on how to work with Sets and Location in Dramatify. Go read them!

Dramatify encrypted

Dramatify encrypted

Last night we launched https for all of Dramatify. This means that all traffic between your device and the Dramatify servers is encrypted for your security. 

HTTPS simply means Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure and is a widely used security protocol that encrypts traffic between your web browser and our servers.

Without it, it is possible to snatch up and read the traffic passing between your device and our servers, regardless if you are using an unprotected wifi link in a coffee shop or someone hacks into your internet service provider’s routers and servers.

Now all traffic between your device and our servers, including your content, is encrypted and you can safely go on making great productions!

Protect yourself

However, we at Dramatify can never stop anyone to gain access to your device, so protect yourself and your information by taking the following steps on your device; smart phone, tablet or computer:

  • Always use a password to login to your device
  • Always use a screen lock or screen saver that locks your device after a few minutes of inactivity so you must put in a password
  • Never use the same password for everything and always have unique passwords for your most important services like your email and Dramatify. Preferably, use a password manager like 1Password or LastPass that not only helps you remember your passwords on all your devices, but can also helps you generate and keep track of long, hackproof passwords.
  • Always update your device so it runs the latest software update. This is especially important for Windows and Android devices as they are the most targeted by hackers, viruses and malware.
  • If you use Windows or Android, download and install anti-virus and anti-malware programs from reputable sources.
  • Beware of clicking on email attachments if you don’t know the sender.
  • Beware of any site that emails you and asks you to follow a link and then put in your username and password, especially if the email claims that something nefarious have happened and you must act fast. Always check that the address bar shows the correct address to the site like: beta.dramatify.com and not beta.dramaify.co.mz or any unfamiliar domain ending. Dramatify is not likely to be a target of phishing as it’s called, but there have been widespread attacks against banks and financial institutions like Paypal. If in doubt, always login as usual, not following the emailed link.
  • Only install apps and programs from reputable sources. This is especially important for Android devices as they are currently the most targeted for unsecured and scam apps.
  • If you often are using wifi spots outside of your home or office, consider using an app that secures and encrypts your wifi traffic for apps and sites that do not use https like Dramatify. Cloak is a good choice that works on all Macs and iOS devices.


Dramatify in Beta – adds series & multiple teams

Dramatify in Beta – adds series & multiple teams

Dramatify releases our beta version today and a slew of new features; series, multiple teams and documents!

The series functionality can handle an unlimited number of episodes and works as well for a mini-series as a regular talkshow or a 900 episode telenovela.

We also add support for multi-team productions. This means that the production can shoot with up to five teams simultaneously, each with their own call sheet. A bigger budget feature film can use it to add a 2nd and 3rd Unit to their main team, while a TV production might want to have two teams or more, shooting on a rotating schedule.

While we’ve been at it, we also refreshed the interface somewhat as well as added a much requested file and document uploader. You can now share file formats like pdf, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx and .zip with your team.

With the series functionality and support for both drama screenplays and AV scripts, Dramatify can handle any kind of scripted and non-scripted production, like drama, documentaries, factuals, entertainment, talkshows, commercials, corporate videos and netcasts.

Sign up for Dramatify by adding your email address to the box in the footer below!

Dramatify goes social with new newsfeed

Dramatify goes social with new newsfeed

Communication inside of Dramatify have been one of the most asked-for features from the industry, and now it is here!

Instead of keeping endless email lists and groups that are prone to human error – forgetting a new team member – and hopeless to share with other team members, Dramatify lets you do all your messaging in one place.

By inviting all of your team to Dramatify – and even clients if you work with commercials –, you just need a click to easily communicate with everyone, with a certain department, with only the department heads or just certain people. Since most of the selection is based on the role each team member has in the production, you don’t even need to remember their names or email addresses.

Each message is posted in the recipient’s inbox in Dramatify, but also sent to their email address, even if they have not yet accepted your invitation to Dramatify. This way you can be certain that nobody misses your important communication.

Commenting and collaboration

The recipients of the message can comment on the message which makes it easy to track comments and get an overview. It’s also a great tool for true collaboration and international productions in multiple time zones.

Chat view and list view

The Dramatify inbox have two different types of views: The chat view for team members who likes a more Facebook-like experience and perhaps don’t send or get tons of messages, and the list view for high volume people like producers and production managers.

One inbox to rule them all

Dramatify allows you to work with multiple productions for multiple employers or production companies. The inbox catches all of your production related communication in one place and clearly shows you which production it belongs to.

Production company intranet

A production company that works with many different productions, can also start an “neverending” production and create their own intranet with Dramatify’s newsfeed. This way, both production communication and company communication, from important news and intense discussions to simple announcements that there is cinnamon buns in the kitchen, can be kept in one place!

A first step

The newsfeed is a first step and we will add more asked-for functionality during the spring to make it a truly time saving tool for all productions. Until then, read more about the newsfeed or sign up for a beta invite below if you don’t have an account already!

Launching non-boring AV scripts for non-scripted and commercials

Today Dramatify introduces AV scripts for all kinds of non-scripted, i.e. non-drama, productions like TV commercials (TVC), documentaries, factuals, talkshows, entertainment shows, gameshows, music videos, corporate videos and even live streamed events and radio.

Our AV script setup is super flexible and allows you to decide exactly what content you need for each new production. You can just use sound and dialogue for a radio jingle, or create a story board with everything in it. Read more about all the AV script features!

Definitely non-boring

AV script development

We also asked ourselves do AV scripts need to be so god damn boring? Columns on paper isn’t that much fun. So, we worked on the premiss of Instagram meets AV scripts. Like it? Sign up to try below! Or watch the video first.


Beautiful printed call sheets

Beautiful printed call sheets

Printed callsheets for the 21st century re-imagined by designer Jonas Sahlström.

Dramatify is all about collecting and displaying all your important production information digitally in your phone, tablet and on your desktop. We make it super convenient for your team to access the screen play, call sheets and team lists for your film, TV and video production.

However, we don’t believe in forcing people. Some people are simply not proficient or comfortable with internet services yet. You might have some of them in your team. But we don’t think that should stop you from using Dramatify.

Introducing gorgeous call sheets

For a reader point of view, most call sheets goes from bad to worse. Information crammed together in tables, minuscule type faces that are hard to read, new layouts to make sense out of for every new production, even bad copiers running out of toner… The list goes on.

We asked one of Sweden’s best graphical designers, Jonas Sahlström, to re-imagine how the information design for a printed call sheet for the 21st century should look like, with top priority to readability, ease of use but also economical use of space so we don’t waste trees unnecessarily.

We hope you like the result! If you want to have a closer look, please download the example below!

Download!  Dramatify Callsheet Print Example

Faster – even down in the garage

Faster – even down in the garage

In our first major upgrade, Dramatify has added some serious speed and snappiness to our service. Our offline support is now rock solid so you can bring Dramatify to shootings where there are no mobile coverage, like three floors down in an underground garage.

Angelika Olsson, our CTO and lead developer, has read and analyzed some 1600 lines of javascript code to optimise speed and performance to the max. All market research show that speed and snappiness is the one thing that users appreciate the most in any app. We sure don’t have time waiting for our tools to load!

First load

When you first log into Dramatify, you will experience a brief loading time. That’s because Dramatify downloads all the content in your account to your device so that your are no longer dependent on a 3G  or wifi connection to read your script, call sheets or team contacts. You can access everything locally on your device. To post or edit content, you still need an internet connection however.

Surface to refresh

Your device will read your local Dramatify content as long as you are logged in. If there are updates to your content, you simply hit the refresh button Reload button to refresh your content. Just make sure that you have a 3G or wifi connection. You will probaly have to head topside out of your garage to do that.

Shorter release time

Aft this major optimization work, future updates to Dramatify will be closer together. We have a great roadmap planned for late summer and the fall with tons of sure useful features for productions. Stay tuned for more updates!

Image: Michael Ruiz / Flickr

A sneak peak of mobile call sheets and screenplays

A sneak peak of mobile call sheets and screenplays

A lot of people are curious just what Dramatify actually do. Now you can slake your curiosity with our spanking new sneak peak on the Dramatify world of screenplays in your pocket and mobile call sheets that your entire team have access to in their smart phones, tablets and laptops. Just as most productions already have ditched celluloid for hard drives, we help you ditch paper for mobile freedom!

Get an early invite by signing up above!

Finally! Alpha release is out!

Finally! Alpha release is out!

Today marks a milestone for Dramatify as we released the Alpha version to our reference group of producers, line producers and cinematographers. We are very proud!

I also met a person today who said: “An alpha release should be ugly and buggy.” However, we believe in beautiful and well-tested instead!

If you want to be in on the next release, sign up for an early invite above!

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