An update for stylists: A clever Stylist’s schedule plus a new “Average Stylist’s timings” on the character page!

The Stylist’s schedule

The Stylist’s schedule is a read-only view of the Daily Cast Schedule. The Stylist’s schedule shows you which stylists (makeup, hair, FX and wardrobe) work on which cast members when – in an easy to read schedule.

The new schedule view gives managers and coordinators an excellent planning tool while allowing individual stylists to keep up to date with their bookings. And perhaps as important: Dramatify automatically flags any conflicts in the schedule!

You’ll find the much-awaited Stylist’s schedule in the Cast & Character section. It’s available to anyone with Read-only permission or higher to that section.

Average Stylist’s times

On each character page, there is a new optional setting for the average Stylist’s time for Makeup, Hair, FX makeup and wardrobe, respectively. That means you can set the time you think a character – on average – will need to spend with a stylist. The times are displayed in the Stylist’s schedule to help with scheduling and time-keeping.

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