Updates to rundowns & scene items

Scene Items now offer a new user permission package and a section of its own together with the Scene Item DooD, Day out of Day report.

The scene item section now has an entirely new permission package, allowing you to set finely-grained permissions that correspond with the breakdown permissions. Per team member, you can now grant access as follows:

  • Read-only access to the Scene Item list and the Scene Item Day out of Day
  • Full access to add, edit and delete ALL items in the Scene Item list, and
  • Limited access to add, edit and delete specific item categories for various creative departments such as wardrobe, makeup & hair, set design, graphics etc.

Scene items also have gotten new sorting capabilities in the different columns, as well as a timestamp where you can see when an item was added. Any access to Scene items also gives access to the read-only Scene Items Day out of Day (DooD) report.

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