Rehearsing big live, studio, and music shows, like the Eurovision Song Contest qualifiers or on-stage galas with mixed content, can be a daunting task.  Often resulting in a lot of manual workarounds and double work. Dramatify solved the problem: Introducing Rehearsal Rundown Mode!

Dramatify has launched a new rehearsal mode for rundowns, an add-on to the existing live mode for live broadcasts, streaming, and live-to-tape shows. With this new feature, say goodbye to workflow problems and rehearse big live and music shows seamlessly.


Why Rehearsal Rundown Mode is Important

Rehearsal Mode for rundowns is a new addition to Dramatify’s existing Rundown format that is specifically designed for live broadcasts, streaming, and live-to-tape shows. The feature is aimed at solving the workflow problems that customers faced when rehearsing big live and music shows, such as the Eurovision Song Contest qualifiers or on-stage galas with mixed content.

Typically, rehearsals for live TV shows can be chaotic and unpredictable, with changes being made on the fly and last-minute adjustments required. This can lead to confusion, missed cues, and a lot of stress for the production crew. Rehearsal Mode provides a solution to these problems by allowing users to run through the show as many times as they need, making changes and adjustments along the way, without affecting the planned rundown.

Rundown basics

Before diving into the details of the new rehearsal rundown mode, let’s start with some rundown basics. Dramatify’s rundown feature is mostly used to plan and create content for multi-camera live and studio shows, including everything from live sports, entertainment, galas, concerts, opera, and ballet to non-fiction like talk shows and factuals.

Dramatify’s rundown template has four different content views, depending on your purpose and your role in the production.

  1. The script view – a distraction-free writing area for scriptwriters, hosts, anchors, and reporters who can write without getting confused or side-tracked by inputs for technical information.
  2. The grid view – another starting point, especially for formats or long-running shows –  where production managers and coordinators can quickly start building the show segment by segment, scene by scene, or act by act, whichever term you prefer. It’s a quick way to outline and add the essential details.
  3. The technical rundown view – includes everything added to the scriptwriter and the grid, like action and dialogue content, source, event times, feeds, and script notes, but also information added directly to the technical rundown, from camera numbers and background screens to special effects and personal notes. It’s the default view where you and your team work with the rundown and plan of the show, the shots, the content, and the timings.
  4. The Camera cards view – a non-editable technical rundown view where you can sort scenes, segments, and shots on camera numbers. You can select to show shots for one camera or several at once.

The Benefits of the Rehearsal Rundown Mode

Rehearsal Mode provides several benefits for TV show producers and crew members, including:

Better Workflow Experience – The new feature offers a smoother and more efficient workflow experience, eliminating the need for extra typing and double-checking. This, in turn, saves valuable time and resources, allowing the production crew to focus on other important tasks.

More Accurate Timing Rehearsal Mode includes a built-in timer that helps users accurately time individual scenes, segments, or acts. This allows for more precise planning and execution, reducing the risk of errors and missed cues.

Improved Collaboration Rehearsal Mode enables all members of the production crew to work together more effectively, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and that there are no miscommunications. The feature also allows users to share the rundown with their studio and camera crew via a QR code or link, making it easier to coordinate and collaborate.

Customization Options – The feature is highly customizable, offering users the ability to choose different views and layouts depending on their role in the production. For example, the Script View is a distraction-free writing area for scriptwriters, hosts, anchors, and reporters, while the Grid View is a quick way for production managers and coordinators to build the show segment by segment, scene by scene, act by act.

Easy Integration – Dramatify integrates seamlessly with other software solutions used in TV production, such as the Cue Pilot vision mixerAutoCue, AutoScript and MOS teleprompters. This allows users to import individual acts or sync with Cue Pilot and click to update the latest shot list.

How Rehearsal Mode for Rundowns Works

The technical rundown has a built-in timer if you want to rehearse individual scenes, segments, or acts. You can save duration with labels from different rehearsals and then decide which to use for the rundown duration, and that time then replaces the planned time in the rundown.

However, the built-in timer is not an efficient tool when you want to rehearse the entire show from the top. And here’s where the new rehearsal mode comes in!

  1. Share the rundown with your studio and camera crew either as a QR code or a link, just as you can do with the live mode, and then set your rundown to rehearsal mode. The rundown on their synced devices will be placed in rehearsal mode automatically.
  2. Click the play button to start the first scene. Here is the main difference with live mode: The rehearsal mode has a timer pop-up, and you can pause the timer, reset, cancel, save, and go to the next scene. In other words, it’s made for rehearsal mishaps and restarts.
  3. When you save rehearsal time, it replaces the planned duration in the rundown. You can run the rehearsal mode as many times as you need. When you are ready to go on air, turn on Live Mode and start the show.

As a side note, you and your crew can also turn on dark mode if you don’t want bright device screens in the studio. Dark mode works in default mode, rehearsal mode and live mode.

Dramatify’s Integration with Cue Pilot Vision Mixer

Dramatify also integrates with the Cue Pilot vision mixer, which is essential for big music shows like the Eurovision. The integration allows you to import individual acts or sync with Cue Pilot and click to update the latest shot list.

The Cue Pilot vision mixer is used to switch between different camera angles during a live broadcast. It’s a critical component of any live production, especially music shows with multiple performers on stage. The integration with Dramatify allows you to manage your shot list AND your rundown with all planning, action and dialogue seamlessly and ensure that everything runs smoothly during the live broadcast.


Dramatify’s rehearsal rundown mode is an excellent tool for anyone involved in live and music shows. It offers a better workflow experience and reduces the overall rehearsal time. With the four different content views, you can plan and create the content for multi-camera live and studio shows, and with the integration with the Cue Pilot vision mixer, you can manage your shot list seamlessly and ensure that everything runs smoothly during the live broadcast.

If you’re looking for a better way to manage your live and music shows, give Dramatify’s rehearsal rundown mode a try – we offer a free trial. It’s easy to use, offers several benefits, and can help ensure that your live broadcast or live stream is a success.


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