Update on the fly. Print directly. Or work digitally and paperless!

Smart cue cards both for print and digital – integrated with rundowns and teleprompter exports – for a fast and eco-friendly workflow is yet another innovation from Dramatify to increase speed, efficiency and creative quality in television production.

No more cutting, glueing and papercraft in television production! Introducing Dramatify’s new cue card feature with direct-to-print cue cards as well as digital cue cards for tablets and smartphones. Each user can choose between four different typefaces and different text sizes to get the cue cards that fit their requirements.

Cue cards in the mobile give teams creative freedom

“Most of the hosts write the dialogue themselves or at least want to change some words . Often on location, and half a minute before the live show. Cue cards on your mobile device give us the freedom to write and rehearse dialogue on the go, even on a bus. The whole crew can see the rundown online when the host or the scriptwriter wants to change something, even during the live show,” says Rami Lindholm, team leader and show director at the Finnish public broadcaster YLE, who have used the new cue cards.

Super flexible rundowns

The core of the new cue card functionality is Dramatify’s innovative and flexible rundowns. They allow each show to customise the rundown for their particular requirements, as well as allowing each crew and cast member to show and hide information for their specific needs .

The rundowns have a view for the technical information with segment functionality to keep shot information inline for maximal clarity. They also feature an uncluttered script view, allowing scriptwriters and journalists to write in a familiar wordprocessor-like interface.

Integration with Cue Pilot vision mixer shot lists

For music and talent shows, shot lists from the Cue Pilot vision mixer can be imported to keep all information in one place and give directors a complete overview.

Fast export to teleprompters, subtitling and close-captioning

By tagging scene content such as dialogue and scene action, writers are preparing cue cards, as well as text exports for teleprompters, subtitling and close-captioning, as they write and edit. No extra work required!

Digital cue cards, or print straight to paper

With two clicks, a rundown turns into cue cards, either for digital use on tablets or smartphones or for printing to several different paper sizes. Each alternative comes with five different text sizes and four different font options.

“We use teleprompters in the studios. But in concert halls, venues or even shooting in the middle of a forest, it is not always possible to use them. That’s where the cue cards come in”, says Rami Lindholm and continues: “Sure, the older hosts want paper copies, but the younger hosts prefer mobiles.”

Fully digital workflow

“We can not even think about a life with spreadsheets or word processor rundowns and scripts anymore. With online rundowns and scripts, the whole crew have a realtime picture of the production. Even if Finland is one of the top producers of paper products in the world, we want to reduce the use of paper in our productions,” Rami Lindholm concludes.

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