VAT on Dramatify invoices and prices

How are VAT applied to Dramatify’s prices? It depends on your country of origin and your company registration status.

Dramatify is a Swedish limited company and thus subject to European Union VAT (Value Added Tax) regulators. The regulations are quite simple however:

  • If your production company resides outside of the EU, you do NOT pay any VAT.
  • If your production company resides inside of the EU, you do NOT pay any VAT if your company are registered for VAT. The number is usually your company registration number with some add-ons. Here is a list for the right format for your country

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    . You can check if your company is registered for EU VAT here. (Note that the service can be very slow)

  • If your production company resides inside of the EU, and it’s not registered for VAT, you need to email a copy of your company registration to as a proof that you are a company. This is a requirement from the very stern Swedish tax authorities. When we receive the registration document, we are allowed to waive the VAT.
  • If you have an unregistered company within the EU, or are a private citizen, we must regretfully add 25 per cent VAT to your invoices, or the tax bogeyman will come and get us.

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