The Today page has finally gotten an update we have wanted to do for a long time. Also a handful of useful, minor additions to Scheduling and schedules.

During the spring, we will add more useful features to welcome you each day to Dramatify and make it easier to see the latest updates to various parts of your production.

Updates to Scheduling and Day out of Day schedules

We have upon request added a few minor updates to various scheduling features:

    • Copy banner – In Scheduling you can now copy a banner
      . Just hover over the banner, and you can select either to copy it or to edit it.
    • More Time of Day elements – Dawn, Dusk, Day and Night have been joined by three more time/light indicators: Morning, Afternoon and Evening. Note that they share stripboard colours with their closest relative.
    • Total sums in Day out of Day schedules – In the Cast Schedule/DooD and Scene Item DooD we have now added totals so you at a glance can see how many days a cast member will be engaged or an item will be needed.
    • Total sums in the Breakdown report – A further update to the super filters and Show/Hide feature in the Breakdown report is that it now shows the total of whichever combination of factors you choose to filter.


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