Quickly learn to utilise Dramatify’s outstanding integrated episode functionality to produce everything from entertainment, sports and current affairs to serial drama and telenovelas.

In the realm of media, drama, and TV production, efficiency and organisation are paramount. Dramatify stands out as a pivotal tool in mastering the intricacies of series and episode production. Whether you’re embarking on a journey of producing a series, a feature film, or single-episode content, understanding and leveraging the functionalities within Dramatify can significantly enhance your production process.

Comprehensive Script Support for Series and Episode Production

At the heart of Dramatify is its robust support for various script formats, including screenplays, rundowns, and AV scripts. This versatility allows producers to not only stick to a single format throughout their production but also to mix and match formats as needed. It means you can create a wide range of content and to add trailers, promos and social media videos to your productions, offering a canvas for creative expression and audience engagement.

Seamless Series & Episode Production Integration

Dramatify’s series and episode production feature is designed to integrate seamlessly with all aspects of production, from script breakdowns, shooting scheduling and daily scheduling to coordination across departments like wardrobe, makeup, hair, and scenography. The platform also offers comprehensive reporting features, ensuring that every facet of production is meticulously documented and accessible.

Setting Up Your Series and Episode Production Workflow

Creating a new production in Dramatify is a straightforward process. The platform offers the flexibility to choose between feature productions or multiple episodes from the get-go, with the option to switch between the two if necessary. This adaptability ensures that your production can evolve alongside your creative vision.

Organising Episodes Efficiently

The episode list feature serves as the central hub for managing your episodes. It is organised by default by episode number but offers the functionality to add production and broadcast dates for automatic sorting based on relevance. This feature is particularly useful for productions with a set schedule, such as daily or weekly shows, or drama series shot in blocks.

Series and Episode Production Collaboration and Flexibility

Dramatify enhances collaboration and flexibility within your production team by allowing up to five teams to work on different episodes or tasks concurrently. This feature is invaluable for series and episode productions that require parallel workflows or are spread across different locations, ensuring that every team member is aligned and informed.

Adding Context to Episodes

The episode header in Dramatify adds valuable context to your scripts and rundowns. Depending on the information you choose to include, it can display production dates, team information, and technical specifications, allowing for a tailored approach to each project.

Efficient Episode Creation

Creating episodes in Dramatify is both intuitive and efficient. The platform guides you through the process, allowing you to start with the basics and gradually add more details. This approach ensures that the essential information is captured while providing the flexibility to adapt as the production progresses.

Streamlining Series and Episode Production Scheduling

The series and episode production schedule feature is designed to facilitate the planning of broadcast dates and production periods, with a ‘copy dates’ function that simplifies scheduling for recurring shows. This feature ensures that your series and episode production stays on track, with all dates seamlessly integrated into the production planner.

Series and episode functionality – an indispensable tool

Dramatify’s episode functionality is an indispensable tool for anyone involved in series and episode production. It offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline the production process, enhance collaboration, and adapt to the unique needs of each project. With Dramatify, producers can focus on what they do best: creating compelling content that resonates with their audience.



  • What script formats does Dramatify series and episode production feature support?

    Dramatify supports screenplays, rundowns, and AV scripts, allowing for flexibility in content creation. You can mix script formats in a series and episode production.

  • Can I manage multiple productions with Dramatify?

    Yes, Dramatify enables the management of different scripts as separate episodes, ideal for drama, entertainment, sports, talkshows, current affairs, children’s production, branded content, commercial or corporate video production.

  • How does Dramatify enhance team collaboration?

    Dramatify allows up to five teams to work concurrently on different episodes or tasks, enhancing flexibility and collaboration.

  • Is it possible to switch between feature production and multiple episodes in Dramatify?

    Yes, you can switch from a feature production to a multi-episode production at any time, offering versatility in project management.

  • How does the series and episode production scheduling feature work?

    The episode scheduling feature allows for the addition of broadcast dates and production periods, with a ‘copy dates’ function for easy scheduling.


Film & Drama

From screenplay import to semi-automatic call sheets and DPRs!


Enjoy our innovative rundown suite with tons of smart integrations.


Game on! Cover sports in the field with a premier mobile solution!

Talk Shows & Current Affairs

Easily collaborate from wherever your cast and crew are!

Factuals & Documentaries

3 different script formats, made for remote co-productions!

Children's programmes & Kid's shows

Produce any kind of kid's content with specific features for children on set!

Social media, commercials & corporate video

Image-based scripts to easily express your vision!

Key features

Production dashboard

Everything at a glance across productions!


Smart, integrated easy-to-use budgeting for any kind of production!

Automatic production updates

Automatic updates when critical details change, with the option of manual comments!

Cast & Crew Management

From interactive team lists to integrations with scheduling!

Rundowns for multi-camera

Integrated with cue cards, CuePilot, teleprompters and all our features!

Drama screenplays

Import/synch with Final Draft/.fdx, automatic script sides and automatic watermarking!

Image-based AV scripts

The perfect format for commercials, social media and storyboards!

Story shelf

Plan, store & bounce scenes - super useful from drama to big sports events!

Script breakdown

Smart script breakdown, including optional partial access for creative departments.

Shooting scheduling

Powerful scheduling integrated with cast DooD and all other scheduling features.

Crew Scheduling

Easy to use crew scheduling integrated with call sheets.

Cast scheduling

Smart integration with Daily Cast Schedule, DooD, stylists' scheduling & call sheets!

Daily Production Schedules

Ditch Excel and work smarter! Smart, integrated daily production schedules with powerful features. 

Semi-automatic call sheets

Integrated call sheets that writes themselves as details are added elsewhere. For print and mobile!

Catering lists - automagically!

Automatic catering lists per shooting day - including special diets & allergies!

Set design & Scenography

From auto set lists, images and breakdown to 3D files and set details!


With images, maps & automatic weather reports and much more!

Character management

Auto-lists with automatic statistics, booking sheets, stripboards and more!


Inspo images, measurements, breakdown, wardrobe lists and more!

Makeup & Hair

Integrated makeup & hair functionality with looks, cleanface, makeup charts and more!



A production tool for all your company's productions.

Saving time & money

How Dramatify minimise risk and saves your production time and money every day.

For Producers & Production Managers

Plan and track productions, the content, cast & crew.

For creatives

Smart, integrated tools for the creative crew, from ADs to wardrobe designers, set designers and makeup artists.

For crew

Find tools and information according to your role and access level in the production.

For cast members

How to use Dramatify for cast members, including actors, anchors and hosts.



From screenplay import to semi-automatic call sheets - Dramatify helps you run a tight production.


Enjoy Dramatify's innovative rundown suite with a plethora of smart integrations.


Integrated features for both large event planning, and scripted and semi-scripted shows.

Talk Shows & Current Affairs

Plan, write and produce talk shows & current affairs shows.

Factuals & Documentaries

With 3 different script formats, start with the one fitting your project's particular needs.

Social media, commercials & corporate video

Use the same tools as the industry professionals for your productions.

Broadcasting & live streaming

Productions powered by Dramatify reaches millions of viewers a week. Join our growing list of broadcasters!

Graphic audio

From script breakdown to recording scheduling and cast and crew booking, we handle enhanced audio productions.


Free plan

3 active users for basic drama & documentary pre-production.

Bronze plan

Starter plan for small productions & production companies

Silver plan

for up to 25 active users + unlimited productions, cast & crew.

Gold plan

MOST POPULAR with up to 50 active users + unlimited productions, cast & crew.

Platinum plan

for companies & broadcasters with up to 100 active users + unlimited productions, cast & crew.


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Quick Start Guide

Quickly get started with your production!

Add & manage team members

Add crew and cast members, set permissions & allow access.

Add episodes & work with series

The episode functionality is super useful - even for features!

Working with rundowns

How to create rundowns for multi-camera live & studio productions.

How to work with screenplays

How to import/synch with Final Draft/.fdx, write natively and work with updates.

Working with image-based AV scripts

How to make the most out of the AV scripts.

Working with script breakdown

How to breakdown your script regardless of script format.

Working with scene items

From props to vehicles - here is how to work with scene items!

How to schedule your production

Powerful scheduling integrated with call sheets and other features.

How to schedule crew

How to work with crew scheduling, integrated with call sheets, time sheets and DPR.

Working with cast scheduling

Smart integration with scene scheduling, Daily Cast Schedule, DooD, stylists' scheduling & call sheets and more!

Creating call sheets

Call sheets almost write themselves - for mobile and print!

Working with sets & scenography

Breakdown, link to locations, share images, 3D files, add props, scene items and continuity.

Adding & working with locations

With images, releases, maps & automatic weather reports and much more!

Working with cast, characters, wardrobe, makeup & hair

A walk-through of character lists & pages, scheduling, details, linking to cast and more.

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