Privacy notice

At Dramatify, we take your privacy very seriously. You can at any time remove your personal information from our records. 

When may we have personal information about you?

  1. When we both are going to visit, or have visited, the same industry markets and fairs, we at Dramatify might reach out to you in a professional capacity
  2. When you have signed up for a Dramatify account.
  3. When you have been invited to take part in a production that uses Dramatify as a production platform.
  4. If you have reached out to us.

Our core privacy policy

You are in control of your personal information. You can at anytime delete your information. The information collected about you is used in one or more ways:

  • to reach out to you in a professional capacity
  • to keep you, as a professional, abreast of new features in Dramatify through newsletters
  • to administer the production(s) you are a member of
  • to allow members of the production(s) to contact you
  • for you to share your professional details with these production(s)
  • to contact you regarding your Dramatify account
  • to reply if you have reached out to us

If you have any questions about your personal information, please contact us. Dramatify’s Data Protection Officer, is CEO Annika Lidne.

Data processor and data controller

The goal of the new European GDPR legislation is to make sure that every private citizen is in full control of their personal data
. It’s important to stress that neither Dramatify nor a production company owns your personal data. You do.

The new European GDPR legislation uses three key concepts:

  • Data controller is simply the organisation or the person which defines what needs to happen with the personal data and also collects it. Since Dramatify is a platform with production tools, the data controller is in most instances the production company. When we at Dramatify reach out to you with a newsletter, a meeting invite at an industry market or because of your existing Dramatify account, Dramatify is also the data controller.
  • Data processor is a person or an organisation who deals with personal data as instructed by a data controller for specific purposes and services offered to the data controller that involve personal data processingDramatify is in all cases the data processor.
  • Personal data is any information relating to an identified or identifiable person. It can be a name, an identification number, location number, an online identifier or to one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that person. Included is also information like IP addresses and mobile device IDs, and personal information that has been encrypted.


If we have reached out to you as an industry professional with a news update and you do not want to receive them anymore, just click “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of the email and you will automatically be removed from any future emails.

If we have reached out to you as an industry professional with a news update We will keep your email address to have a record and make sure that you will not be bothered again. If you want us to remove your email address from our records completely,  please contact us.

Professional meeting requests

From time to time, we reach out before an industry fair or market. This is done personally and manually. If you reply that you do not want any contact in the future from us, we will make a note to never bother you again. If you want us to remove your email address from our records completely, please contact us. That may cause us to contact you again at another market or fair since we then do not have any record of your preferences.

Personal information in the Dramatify app

You will have a Dramatify account if:

  • You have signed up to Dramatify
  • You have been invited by a production company to take part and work on a production that uses Dramatify
  • You have accepted a production company invite to Dramatify and logged in
Personal profile information

At the minimum, we have your email address. In most cases, we also have recorded your name, country and mobile phone number. On your profile edit page, we display the majority of the information we have about you which may include home address, representation, profile image, food preference, age status (adult/minor), nationality and gender.

You are in charge of your personal information and have complete access to read, edit and delete this information. It is clearly marked which information all of your team members can see, and that which only a production administrator can see, as well what information only you can see and that which might only be used for production statistics. At each instance of information, we explain why it is needed.

Delete your personal account

You can at any time delete your Dramatify account. However, be aware that if you do this during an active production, that you may not get work information, any messages or notices, any credits in the final credit list, nor be paid or compensated correctly.

Search results

Normally, production companies can search for users in Dramatify to add them to their production. They can search by name or email address. The only information they can see before adding you to their production and you accept the invitation, is your name, profile picture and country. You can exempt yourself from being searchable, by checking that alternative on your profile edit page.

Production information

The production companies that you work for also have information about you when you become part of a production.

The production information may include:

  • your role in the production
  • any legal releases and/or contracts if the production chooses to upload them
  • any production messages and comments
  • any production notes that are public within the production team
  • when and where you are going to be, if you are a part of a prep or shooting team
  • your recorded working hours if you are working on location
  • your food preferences and food allergies if you have added those to your profile

You can not add, edit or delete production information yourself. If you delete your Dramatify profile, the production company records will show the text “Profile deleted by user” but retain some of the linked production information shown above.

The right to be forgotten

Under the GDPR legislation, you have a “right to be forgotten”. However, as your employer, the production company may be legally required to keep some records due to employment and tax legislation. Please contact the production company, who is the data controller, to see if all of your personal information can be deleted.

What personal data might an employer have?

You have the right to learn what personal data an employer, the production company, holds on you

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. This is called a “subject access request”, or SAR. This may include personnel files, internal memorandums, meeting notes or simply email correspondence. As above, please contact the production company, who is the data controller, for a SAR request.

The responsibility of the production company

When you sign up to use Dramatify as a production platform and your company is within the EU or engage cast and crew who are citizens within the European Union, your production company becomes the data controller.

The data controller determines the purposes and means of the processing of the teams’ personal data. The same applies if you use a competing service, use spreadsheets or desktop programs to manage your production or even write everything on your own computer or by hand.

By using Dramatify however, each team member MUST agree to allow your production company to handle their personal data when they accept your production invitation and that agreement is on record through the timestamp when they first logged into Dramatify. If you do not use Dramatify, you manually need to secure that agreement in another way.

By using Dramatify, you have implicitly instructed us to handle the personal data belonging to your team for the purpose of producing your production(s). Dramatify is therefore the data processor.

Data Protection Officer

If you represent a larger production company, broadcaster or produce a production with a large crew and cast, the GDPR legislation may require that the company appoints a Data Protection Officer. If your company have one, you can add his or her name in the Production company settings section. The information will be displayed to the team on each production’s Production page. The Data Protection Officer do not need to be a part a production in Dramatify.

Anonymous information

When you visit or use the Dramatify app, we may collect some anonymous information about you. It’s in part for statistics, in part to help make Dramatify better and in part for the Dramatify functionality to work. That information can for example include which country you surf from and which pages you visit, but can not be connected to any person. Read more in the cookie policy.

Third parties

Dramatify do not sell, give away or in other ways transfer your personal data to a third party other than as encrypted information transfered to our servers as part of the regular service. 


If you have any questions regarding your personal data in Dramatify, please contact us!

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