Dramatify users asked for more detailed reports, and here they are! Each is easy to customise with a click or two, if you want to print or PDF reports and send to others.

The Character and Cast report

Character & Cast report

The Character and Cast report contains all important information about a character and it’s casted talent:

  • Working period: Start date, finishing date, number of days
  • Number of pages
  • Scenes
  • Episodes
  • Sets
  • Locations
  • Unit bases

As you see on top of the image, you can hide any information with a click, if you want to customise and send a report to a colleague. Underneath the show/hide buttons, you also go the stats for the number of characters in the various cast categories. If you only want to view a specific character category, like main characters or stunt persons, you filter that with a dropdown menu.

Combine the Character & Cast report with the awesome flexibility of Dramatify’s scene list, and you can very easily dig deep and get exactly the character and cast information you need.

The set report & list

Set report

While the Character & Cast report is a specific report, with Sets and Locations, we have simply extended the list functionality to give you all important information at a glance.

  • Scenes
  • Location with a map link
  • Unit base with a map link
  • Notes

You can also sort the set list report on:

  • Episodes
  • Alphabetically by set name
  • Production day
  • Location

The location list and report

Location report

The location list report works pretty much the same way as the set list report. We have three types of locations:

  • Shooting locations
  • Unit base
  • Medical emergency

For each shooting location you see:

  • Location status (none, red, yellow, green)
  • Street address with map link
  • GPS coordinates with map link
  • Sets
  • Unit base
  • Episodes & scenes
  • Notes

You can also group the shooting locations on production day in the header dropdown.

Happy reporting!

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