Biggest shows yet relying on Dramatify

Biggest shows yet relying on Dramatify

With an audience in the millions, Dramatify is in the core of this weekend’s big EBU live broadcast across Europe!

This weekend, 14-15th of October, Dramatify hits a great milestone when the biggest galashows yet produced on Dramatify is broadcasted live over Europe. It’s the Euroradio Choral Competition taking place at Helsinki’s Musiikkitalo (Music Centre), an European Broadcasting Union (EBU) choir competition that has been broadcasted since 1961, both on TV and radio and now also on the web. Choir singing is a hobby that currently  attracts more and more people in many countries.

The event consists of two prime time gala shows on Saturday evening and Sunday evening respectively,  live broadcasted by YLE in Finland, on radio across Europe and live streaming on the web with an audience in the tens of millions. The galas are an official part of the centennial celebration of Finland’s founding as a free nation.

YLE have been a close collaboration partner in developing Dramatify’s unique multi-camera live & studio script format, which is currently the most advanced in the world. It’s the core of the galas production, with all other Dramatify features coming in to play during pre-production, planning and scheduling.


(Image: Screen capture from the YLE trailer for Let the peoples sing on Youtube)

Dramatify is a finalist in the InUse Design Awards 2016!

Dramatify is a finalist in the InUse Design Awards 2016!

One of the core visions when we started with Dramatify, was a solution with a design and user interface that was easy to use, fun and useful. Thanks to these core values, we have reached the final of the premier Swedish competition for web design and user experience: The InUse Design Awards 2016.

Also nominated are solutions for the Swedish Police Force, Swedish Rail, rental startup Hygglo and commerce solution Vendo. We thank InUse for the nomination in the finals and look forward to the Award cermony on October 20th!

Read more about the competition and our nomination (Swedish only).

First Dramatify education!

First Dramatify education!

This week we held the first Dramatify lecture at a film and TV school. It was the TV production course at Medieinstitutet (The Media Institute) in Stockholm that invited us.

They will be using Dramatify for their drama block in which the students are tasked with creating two short drama productions.

We wish them all the luck with their productions and are looking forward to seeing the results!

Dramatify goes social with new newsfeed

Dramatify goes social with new newsfeed

Communication inside of Dramatify have been one of the most asked-for features from the industry, and now it is here!

Instead of keeping endless email lists and groups that are prone to human error – forgetting a new team member – and hopeless to share with other team members, Dramatify lets you do all your messaging in one place.

By inviting all of your team to Dramatify – and even clients if you work with commercials –, you just need a click to easily communicate with everyone, with a certain department, with only the department heads or just certain people. Since most of the selection is based on the role each team member has in the production, you don’t even need to remember their names or email addresses.

Each message is posted in the recipient’s inbox in Dramatify, but also sent to their email address, even if they have not yet accepted your invitation to Dramatify. This way you can be certain that nobody misses your important communication.

Commenting and collaboration

The recipients of the message can comment on the message which makes it easy to track comments and get an overview. It’s also a great tool for true collaboration and international productions in multiple time zones.

Chat view and list view

The Dramatify inbox have two different types of views: The chat view for team members who likes a more Facebook-like experience and perhaps don’t send or get tons of messages, and the list view for high volume people like producers and production managers.

One inbox to rule them all

Dramatify allows you to work with multiple productions for multiple employers or production companies. The inbox catches all of your production related communication in one place and clearly shows you which production it belongs to.

Production company intranet

A production company that works with many different productions, can also start an “neverending” production and create their own intranet with Dramatify’s newsfeed. This way, both production communication and company communication, from important news and intense discussions to simple announcements that there is cinnamon buns in the kitchen, can be kept in one place!

A first step

The newsfeed is a first step and we will add more asked-for functionality during the spring to make it a truly time saving tool for all productions. Until then, read more about the newsfeed or sign up for a beta invite below if you don’t have an account already!

Launching non-boring AV scripts for non-scripted and commercials

Today Dramatify introduces AV scripts for all kinds of non-scripted, i.e. non-drama, productions like TV commercials (TVC), documentaries, factuals, talkshows, entertainment shows, gameshows, music videos, corporate videos and even live streamed events and radio.

Our AV script setup is super flexible and allows you to decide exactly what content you need for each new production. You can just use sound and dialogue for a radio jingle, or create a story board with everything in it. Read more about all the AV script features!

Definitely non-boring

AV script development

We also asked ourselves do AV scripts need to be so god damn boring? Columns on paper isn’t that much fun. So, we worked on the premiss of Instagram meets AV scripts. Like it? Sign up to try below! Or watch the video first.


Dramatify gets 550 000 SEK in soft funding

Dramatify gets 550 000 SEK in soft funding

Today, Dramatify recieved 300 000 SEK from Vinnova, Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems, in a innovation grant. The prize was given during a little cermony in which our CTO Angelika Olsson participated. It’s an honour to receive the grant as we were told that a record number of companies had applied, around 150, which is great for Swedish innovation. Around half was called to an interview and while we felt the interview went well, we knew that the competition would be hard. It’s very encouraging to be selected among ten companies to receive a grant. It also shows that Vinnova is interested in supporting tight internet verticals like ours, as well as innovations within the media and cultural fields. More information in the press brief [in Swedish].

Dramatify have also just received a royalty based, non-equity, soft innovation loan from Almi Invest, a government-run venture capital company, of 250 000 SEK. The investment was lead by Jenny Jansson and includes an option for Almi Invest to make further investments in Dramatify at a later stage together with private venture capital.

The 550 000 SEK will go to partly increase market potential and make valuable market connections, and partly to further development of Dramatify’s product. We are very proud and thankful to the great people at Almi Invest and Vinnova for their support and hope to work with them on further innovation and investments in the future.


Finally! Alpha release is out!

Finally! Alpha release is out!

Today marks a milestone for Dramatify as we released the Alpha version to our reference group of producers, line producers and cinematographers. We are very proud!

I also met a person today who said: “An alpha release should be ugly and buggy.” However, we believe in beautiful and well-tested instead!

If you want to be in on the next release, sign up for an early invite above!

Alpha release approaching!

Alpha release approaching!

This is exciting times for Angelika and me at Dramatify! Our goal is to release the alpha version to our reference group on Monday. That will be the first time outsiders actually see the product live.

Last night I did the final testing and found some minor things that will be fixed this weekend and then we are ready to take the wraps off for our initial group. Dramatify will be fully working with online screenplays and call sheets that works on desktop, tablets and phones.

If you want an early invite to the beta – sign up at the top of the page!

We won Wistrand Startup Star!

We won Wistrand Startup Star!

Wow! When we sent in our application to the Wistrand Startup Star competition, we hadn’t expected to win!

The competition was interesting because it allowed us to validate Dramatify’s business idea with people not in our target industry, but rather investors and startup experts. That the business idea is on target with our target industry is of course the most important, but we conduct regular interviews with our target group to make sure we develop the right features.

The prize of Wistrand Startup Star is mainly a lot of free legal advice –  a great thing for any startup!

A big thank you to everybody at Wistrand!

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