Communication inside of Dramatify has been one of the most asked-for features from the industry, and now it is here!

Instead of keeping endless email lists and groups that are prone to human error – forgetting a new team member – and hopeless to share with other team members, Dramatify lets you do all your messaging in one place.

By inviting all of your team to Dramatify – and even clients if you work with commercials –, you just need a click to easily communicate with everyone, with a certain department, with only the department heads or just certain people. Since most of the selection is based on the role each team member has in the production, you don’t even need to remember their names or email addresses.

Each message is posted in the recipient’s inbox in Dramatify, but also sent to their email address, even if they have not yet accepted your invitation to Dramatify. This way you can be certain that nobody misses your important communication.

Commenting and collaboration

The recipients of the message can comment on the message which makes it easy to track comments and get an overview. It’s also a great tool for true collaboration and international productions in multiple time zones.

Chat view and list view

The Dramatify inbox has two different types of views: The chat view for team members who like a more Facebook-like experience and perhaps don’t send or get tons of messages, and the list view for high volume people like producers and production managers.

One inbox to rule them all

Dramatify allows you to work with multiple productions for multiple employers or production companies
. The inbox catches all of your production-related communication in one place and clearly shows you which production it belongs to.

Production company intranet

A production company that works with many different productions, can also start a “neverending” production and create their own intranet with Dramatify’s newsfeed. This way, both production communication and company communication, from important news and intense discussions to simple announcements that there is cinnamon buns in the kitchen, can be kept in one place!

A first step

The newsfeed is the first step and we will add more asked-for functionality during the spring to make it a truly time-saving tool for all productions. Until then, read more about the newsfeed or sign up for a beta invite below if you don’t have an account already!


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