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Cracking the new YouTube code pt 1: Channel surfing

Forget releasing a trailer or two to market your film a few months before the premiere. Channel subscribers is the new YouTube currency. How does that fit with your marketing strategy?  Youtube have developed from the home of viral one-hit-wonders via becoming the...

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Wolverine In Vine

The first use of Twitter's fairly new Vine video service for a film trailer showed up the other day with the 6 second "tweaser" for the upcoming Wolverine film featuring Hugh Jackson as usual. The clip is jam packed with action and the use of Vine is surely a great PR...

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Finally! Alpha release is out!

Today marks a milestone for Dramatify as we released the Alpha version to our reference group of producers, line producers and cinematographers. We are very proud! I also met a person today who said: "An alpha release should be ugly and buggy." However, we believe in...

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Alpha release approaching!

This is exciting times for Angelika and me at Dramatify! Our goal is to release the alpha version to our reference group on Monday. That will be the first time outsiders actually see the product live. Last night I did the final testing and found some minor things that...

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5 Swedes nominated for the Oscars!

A big congratulation to our five fellow Swedes that have been nominated for the Oscars! The big Oscar breakthrough is "Searching for Sugar Man" by Swedish director Malik Bendjelloul. It is the first Swedish nomination in the Documentary category in a very long time!...

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Weekend watching: People In Motion

This weekend's movie tip is the beautiful and inspiring documentary People In Motion, a film about parcour and the art of movement. The film began as a hobby project and after a while the film makers realized they needed more money to produce the film they wanted....

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