We’ve just released our new and improved screenplay upload and synch. Upload as many script revisions as you need! Import and replace one, a few or all of the scenes while keeping everything synched with your breakdown, scheduling, characters, sets and call sheets.

And if you work with a series, we keep track of the characters and sets that you already have added in previous episode screenplays.

Final Draft compatible

The improved screenplay import is built with kind support from Final Draft, and works with any Final Draft compatible screenwriting program that exports.fdx files. If you use another program, there are ways to convert and import them as well!

Write from scratch – including RTL languages

As before, you can also write directly in Dramatify which works especially well if you team write or have writers and editors in different locales.

Also, if you write in a right-to-left language like Arabic, Hebrew or Farsi, we are the only professional screenwriting solution that supports RTL. We believe everyone should help save trees!

Automagic watermarking and screenplay tracking

Automagic watermarking and screenplay tracking is built in so you protect your intellectual property. At the same time you get an easy way to distribute screenplays to your entire team – formatted for their favourite devices.

Permissions – from everybody to super secret

You can let everybody in the team read the entire script, only scenes in the call sheet or –  if you are working on a super-secret story – remove scenes while still working with breakdown, scheduling and all the other functionality in Dramatify. From now on, there is no need to print scripts. Everybody have the screenplays in their pocket (well, unless your screenplay is super super secret!) Watch how below!

First user free in all productions

Remember that the first user is free in any production, so log in and start planning your next masterpiece today!


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