In an ongoing effort to satisfy popular requests around managing Cast and Crew, this release contains essential improvements. 

1) Cast has been moved

Cast has moved from the “People” section and now resides in the Cast & Character section, under the tab “Cast”. This means:

  • The Cast section now has specific permission allowing you to hide the cast list and cast members profile cards from the rest of the team.
  • Production administrator status is no longer required to add new Cast members. A member in the creative permission group with permission for Cast is enough. You set the new access privileges in the Cast & Characters section on each member’s “Edit member” page.

2) Cast is now added on the character page

Adding/linking a cast member to a character is now done on the character page of each character.

3) Updated section name: Crew

“Crew” is the new name of the former People section. All production team members, both cast and crew, can by default view this page.

4) Important! Team list / Cast & Crew report

As of now, the team list with both Cast and Crew that include contact information, representation, social security numbers etc. remains for the time being under the Crew > Report headline.

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