An update with brand new script sides, a nifty link to scene scripts in the scene scheduling and a new company section.

Script sides

Due to popular requests, we have added script sides in the Episode & Scripts section. Now you can select your shooting date and get only the script for those scenes, in shooting order. You can also choose a team to narrow down the scene selection even further.

All users who have access to scripts; full access or read-only access; will also have access to script sides. For other users, you can print or PDF script sides.

Script link in the Scene Scheduling

Another user request was a link to the scene script from within Scheduling. Now you can just mouse-over a scene in the Scheduling to bring up the edit icon and click it. In the popup, you now have direct links to both the scene script and the scene in the breakdown.

New company section

In the top navigation, you will see some changes. Those include a new company section, visible if you are an admin. At the moment you’ll find company settings, billing, production archive and a new list of all cast and crew in your productions. This section will soon see new, more useful functionality!

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