Drama screenplays

Drama screenplays

Drama screenplays

with automatic watermarking + import & synch from Final Draft!
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Drama screenplays with import & synch from Final Draft

Write in Dramatify – alone or as a team. Or, import and synch from Final Draft .fdx files. Seamless integration with breakdown, scheduling and all the other features in Dramatify. When the team have the screenplay in their favourite device, in its entirety or integrated with the call sheet, you know you have saved a lot of trees as well as your own production resources!  

Be honest with yourself; how many pages of screenplays have you printed and consumed in your career? Multiply that with the average team size and yearly productions, and we start talking about substantial amounts of trees and time dedicated to handle all that paper.

While there used to be no alternatives to paper, Dramatify allows you to distribute the screenplay to your team so they can read it on their computer, tablet or phone. No heavy paper stack to carry around on location! Of course, they can print it as well if they really need to (just remember all those trees!).

Upload and synch a screenplay

The easiest way to work with screenplays in Dramatify is to upload a Final Draft-compatible file, a .fdx. It integrates seamlessly with script breakdownscheduling, characterssets and call sheets. Apart from Final Draft, there is a whole host of other screenwriting programs that can export to the .fdx format (see below).

And when you or your screenwriters have done script revisions, just import the new version and seamlessly synch with all the production information you already have in Dramatify. And, it works just as flawlessly with any number of episodes, even if you’re thinking of a 3 000 episode series!

Write and collaborate in Dramatify

While Dramatify isn’t positioned as a premier screenwriting software, it’s great if you want to do collaborative writing. Each scene is edited separately, like an index card, so you can quickly create an outline and then fill in the story. You and your collaborators can work on different scenes at the same time without risking that anything gets overwritten.

We are also the only screenwriting solution handling all languages, including right-to-left languages like Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi.

No more worries about versions

With Dramatify, you can rest assured that the entire team have the same – and latest – version of the screenplay in their pocket, tablet or computer. But just to be utterly sure, we have kept the traditional Final Draft versioning colours so you can see with a glance if a scene have been revised!

Automatic watermarking and tracking

With Dramatify, you don’t have to pay extra for screenplay watermarking and tracking, nor distribution. It’s already built in!


Import and synch from the industry's most popular screenwriting programs


Automatic watermarking and tracking


Save tons of paper and trees with mobile-friendly scripts


Scene scripts automatically integrated into call sheets

Screenwriting programs that imports and synch with Dramatify

Watermarking screenplays

Watermarking screenplays

Watermarking your screenplay

Automatically included in Dramatify!
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Watermarking your screenplay – automatically included in Dramatify!

Watermarking your screenplays are important before distributing them to your team and cast. That’s why we have included watermarking automagically whenever you print a screenplay from Dramatify!

The screenplay is not only the foundation for any drama production, but also valuable intellectual property. In an ideal world you should never have to watermark. The basic idea of Dramatify is that most team members never should have to print the screenplay at all. It’s accessible in the favourite device of each team member, regardless if that is a smart phone, tablet or computer. Less printing saves the lives of a lot of trees.

Many in the core production team probably want to print a copy anyway – either on paper or as a pdf – and we want your intellectual property to be protected.

Watermarked and trackable

When you need to print the screenplay, regardless if it is on paper or to a pdf, the screenplay will be marked and trackable.

  • Automatically watermarked with the production company logo in the middle of each page (not on the cover page).
  • The footer of each page is marked with the text “Printed [date] for [name of the team member that printed the screenplay] [title of the person] [email address] © [The Production Company name]”. It looks something like this:
    Printed 2015-01-01 for
    Jane Smith, screenwriter
    © The Production Company

Customised cover page

You can customise the cover page of the screenplay that includes several different areas for different information according to American Screenwriting Standard.

  • Credit information underneath the title, centered on the middle of the page
  • Draft and version, left side of the page
  • Screenplay contact information, right side of the page
  • Copyright information in a centered footer where you also can put registration information if your screenplay is registered.

View a sample with a cover page and a script page.



Automatic watermarking with your company logo


Automatic tracking information


Add & customise a cover page


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Top image by James Jordan / Flickr (CC BY ND).


AV scripts for non-scripted and commercials

AV scripts for non-scripted and commercials

AV scripts

For commercials, documentaries, entertainment and other non-scripted.
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AV scripts for storyboards, commercials, documentaries, entertainment, promos, trailers and non-scripted

AV scripts for everything that isn’t a drama screenplay or a studio/live show: From a bare-bones production run down to a fully fledged storyboarded script, Dramatify’s AV scripts are super-flexible to fulfil all your needs.

AV scripts can be used for any non-scripted, i.e. non-drama, productions like documentaries, factuals, music videos and reality shows. You can also use them  to visualise trailers and promos for features as well as commercials (TVC) and corporate videos.

AV scripts that are super flexible!

AV scripts from have a super flexible set up model that allows you to include exactly the information you need for your production. The flexibility means that you can create a barebones production schedule as well as a fully fledged AV script using the same tools:

  • Scene number (mandatory)
  • Scene heading (mandatory)
  • In scene (i.e. participants / cast)
  • Storyboard image (upload an image or take one with your mobile / tablet camera)
  • Camera
  • Action
  • Dialogue
  • Sound
  • Segment time (running time will be calculated automatically with this option)
  • Production time (total production time will be calculated automatically with this option)

You can collaborate and team write AV scripts. When you are done, you easily plan the rest of the production and create call sheets for your shoot.



With images - or not!

See finished length & production time

Integrated with all other Dramatify features



Multi-camera live & studio scripts

Multi-camera live & studio scripts

Multi-camera live & studio scripts

The most-advanced show scripts in the world!
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Multi-camera live & studio scripts

Dramatify offers a unique, collaborative script tool for multi-camera live and studio shows, developed together with live-tv show directors, production co-ordinators and script writers. It is one of our three different script formats.

Today, most live and studio shows handcraft scripts in spreadsheets – a tool made for numbers, not scripts. Existing digital script tools on the market have so far been made for either drama or news, not entertainment, galas or talkshows. With Dramatify’s new script tool for multi-camera shows, producers can save time, resources and a lot of frustration.

A script format made for multi-camera shows

With Dramatify, show directors, producers, production coordinators, technical crews, screenwriters and talent, not only get a live and studio script tool made for the task, but also:

  • easily customised script set up
  • collaborative writing
  • tailor-made views for technical crew and talent respectively
  • automatically colour-coded scenes depending on source
  • running time, real-time and reverse time options
  • work status (red, yellow, green)
  • one-click addition of sets and cast
  • easy re-arrangement of scenes and segments with drag’n’drop
  • dark mode when using tablets, computers and smart phones during studio shoots
  • teleprompter export of either both action and dialogue, or just dialogue

Integrated with all other Dramatify features

Dramatify’s smart script tool for multi-camera live and studio shows is also:

  • fast, due to smart functionality and drag’n’drop interface.
  • collaborative, decide exactly who should be able to read or write.
  • multi-homed, works on any device with a modern web browser; computers, tablets and smart phones.
  • integrated, with all of Dramatify’s other features: team management, messaging, characters & cast, sets & locations, scene items (including props, wardrobe, set dressing and even security), scheduling, call sheets and reports.
  • eco-friendly, all of the team can use Dramatify on their favourite device, and there is no need to print information to distribute it.

Integration with CuePilot vision mixer

You can now upload and integrate shot lists from CuePilot to Dramatify for an integrated production flow. CuePilot is the dedicated software for live TV shows and events. In pre-production you can test and plan visionmixer edits, as well as cues for performers and stage staff, allowing you to produce TV shows as tight and up-beat as if they were music videos.


Super-easy to work with - no more cut & paste from spreadsheets!

Export to teleprompter!

Different views for talent & writers and technical staff!

Integration with CuePilot vision mixer



Top image by Björn Falkevik for Dramatify


Script breakdown

Script breakdown

Smart script breakdown

Dramatify's breakdown is a true information control center.
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Script breakdown – the core of your pre-production

Breaking down your script – screenplay, AV script or live & studio script – is one of the most important steps in the pre-production. With Dramatify, it’s a central information hub.

Dramatify’s script breakdown is closely tied both to the screenplay, the AV script, the multi-camera live/studio script, the scheduling and the call sheets. This means you never need to start all over again with breakdown and planning because you had a script change. You just add and adjust for the new material.

The graphical interface of the script breakdown (as well as of the scheduling) subtly show you which scenes have been broken down as they have correct stripboard colours and which scenes you have yet to breakdown as they are adorned with a striped header.


Smart breakdown integrated with all other functions

Breakdown notes & Director's notes

Time estimates for finished material and production time

Smart lists for characters, extras & stunts

Smart scene items - add to character, set or scene


, , ,

Top image by Bree/Flickr (CC BY).


Powerful scene item management

Powerful scene item management

Powerful Scene Item Management

Try it today!

Scene item management with power and flexibility

Scene items, from props and wardrobe to lights, vehicles and security, can be a serious resource drain to handle. Dramatify gives you a smart, collaborative solution at the finger tips of all your production departments.

Scene items can be added and managed in several ways in Dramatify:

1. Scene items in the breakdown

Naturally, the first place where you usually start adding them are in the breakdown. With smart and easy to use technology, you add new scene items, attach them to the set, a character or the scene itself. You also assign them to the correct department. For characters we have both persistent and non-persistent scene items.

2: The scene items list

In the scene items list you keep track of all your items, add, edit and delete them but also add scene item options. This is very useful if you want an actor to try on three different jackets or have a couple of different car models in mind. The scene item list also contain a lot of nifty features to sort and filter the scene items for instance by scene, set, character and department.

3. Set and character pages

On the individual pages for a set or a character, team members from props, wardrobe and hair & makeup departments can do their breakdown and add items to a character, and props and set construction can add their scene items to sets. They can also add scene item options to each scene item. Even in the mobile on the go!

4.  NEW!!! Tags, images & stars!

We just added both free tagging, images and star option. Tags is any keyword you want to add to your scene item. You can now also add an image to each scene item as well as star mark scene item options to easier distinguish between different options. Powerful!

5. NEW!!! Day out of Day for Scene Items!

Want to know exactly when #wardrobe #props #vehicles or any other #sceneitems are used? Check out Dramatify’s automatic Day out of Day report for Scene Items! Filter on dates and/or departments. Useful!

Scene items Day out of Day table


Add scene items in the breakdown, to the character, set or scene.

Super management and search of all scene items

Let departments do their own breakdown with scene items on character & set pages


Top image by tofuprod / Flickr (CC BY SA).

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