In this update: A brand new wardrobe feature, a cast and character image gallery (perfect for casting and auditioning!) and added end-time to rundowns!

Hot on the heels of the breakdown update and updates to Story Order and Running Order, is the new, comprehensive wardrobe feature with inspiration/test image gallery, standard sizes, custom measuring, allergy information and wardrobe notes. It can be found on each character’s page.

Import wardrobe measurements to a new production

If you use the same cast members in different productions, you can also import their sizes to a new production – even if it’s for a different production company. The only requirement for importing is that the cast member has a confirmed Dramatify profile as measurements are personal information that falls under the European General Data Production Regulation (GDPR).

The feature suite for the wardrobe department

The new wardrobe feature joins other features for the wardrobe department such as the recently updated script breakdown where the wardrobe department – amongst others – can do their script breakdown and add scene items and notes. They can also create comprehensive breakdown reports with just their information.

The recent update of Story Order and Running Order allows the wardrobe department to filter stripboards to their needs to build, for instance, character and wardrobe continuity reports. They can add wardrobe scene items and wardrobe breakdown notes to the reports, as well as general breakdown notes and other scene items.

On the Character page of each character, you already can add detail breakdown with images, tags and options for each garment, footwear and accessory needed for each scene.

Cast & Character image gallery

The Cast & Character page also introduces an image gallery for cast and character images. You can use it for inspiration images of how the character should look and feel, audition images – or however you like.

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