Hide contact information for cast members and VIPs from regular team members but not from production admins & casting!

Dramatify now has fulfilled the popular request to be able to hide contact information on an individual basis.

What does contact privacy mean?

The new settings mean that Dramatify now offers the option to hide contact information on the crew and cast profile cards as well as on cast and crew profile links with contact popups. The option to contact a user through a Dramatify message will always be available as it does not include any personal contact information.

New profile settings

In the first section of your profile settings, you’ll now find a new contact information setting where you can set three levels of privacy:

  1. Production – open to the team and the same settings as before
  2. Protected – contact information is hidden from the team apart from production admins and the casting department. Good for cast and VIPs!
  3. Private – nobody can access your information, not even production admins. Dramatify can still send you emails, but you may miss important production information.

Add contact privacy settings to new team members

When you add new team members to your productions that don’t yet have a Dramatify profile, you can select privacy settings as described above on their behalf. They have the opportunity to change them later.

Privacy in reports as well as profile admin information

The privacy setting options above also follow on some restricted pages.

  • Team list report (Crew > Report) The report includes address, phone number and personal ID/social security number
  • Profile admin information (Profile > Admin) that includes home address, ICE information etc.

Both of these pages are automatically restricted to production admins and the casting group. The new profile contact setting “Private” hides contact information on these pages from production admins and casting as well.

Photo by Franck on Unsplash

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