To automatically keep everyone updated, Dramatify has now launched automatic production updates and a new Update section with optional detail comments

The Updates box on the Dashboard

When you logged into Dramatify today, you may have noticed that a new information box on the Dashboard that haa taken the place of Latest Messages.

Here you’ll find the latest updates on new, changed or deleted items like episodes, scripts, scenes, characters, sets and locations – depending on your access level. You only see the details that you have the right to access.

The new Updates section

In the top navigation next to “Dashboard”, you’ll find the new Update section. Here you’ll see all the updated items AND any update comments on manually changed items.

Add an update comment on manually changed items

On many items that you manually change, you can add an update comment that will be displayed to inform your team members about the change in detail. If you do not add a comment, Dramatify will only announce that the item has been changed. You can only view the update comments on the Update page.

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