Scheduling & planning your production

Scheduling & planning your production

Scheduling & planning

with easy drag'n'drop!
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Plan and schedule your production – with easy drag’n’drop!

Planning and scheduling your production should be smart and easy, not something to tear out your hair over.

With Dramatify’s new drag and drop interface, you can plan and schedule any number of episodes with up to five simultaneous teams, each with their own call sheet.

It’s super simple to plan and schedule with Dramatify. After linking scenes, characters and sets together in the breakdown, head over to the planning grid to add production days. Drag and drop scenes from the scene list in the left-hand column on to the correct production day and team. Choose between the column view or the stripboard view. Smart filters and standard stripboard colours makes it easy to plan similar scenes together. When the left-hand scene list column is empty, you know that you have planned all your scenes!

Choose between column view or stripboard view

Some people like the overview the scene scheduling column view gives, whereas others feel more comfortable with the more traditional stripboard view.

Filter the scene list for easier scheduling

  In the scene scheduling, you can easily filter your scenes to make your scheduling faster and easier. If you do a series, you can schedule episodes all together, or one by one.

Add flags and banners

In each column in the scene scheduling, you can add flags  as well as banners for any non-scene event that you want to plan during the day.

Page and production time estimates

At the bottom of each column Dramatify on the fly automatically calculates an estimation of

  • total number of script pages.
  • estimated finished material for that day and team.
  • estimated production time for that day and team. This lets you keep an eye on total working hours!

Splitting and unsplitting scenes

Today, as filming becomes more complex, the need to split scenes into several parts increase. Scenes can be split as many times as you like and different parts can be split on several days and / or several teams. It’s perfect for productions with a lot of CGI and special effects. You can add notes, time and page information to each split part.

Calendar view

Add dates to production days either manually in the Calendar or in bulk in the Days overview.

DooD – Day out of Days

Beside the scene scheduling, you also find the Day of of Days report for cast, making it easy to pull up into a new browser tab and use alongside the scheduler to optimise cast and extras days.

Should you have a lot of expensive equipment or scene items, you can also make use of the scene item day out of day schedule.

Cast & crew scheduling

Dramatify also features a comprehensive crew scheduling and daily cast scheduling with information that is automatically added into the call sheets.

Days overview

The planning tool also includes a view of unpublished and published call sheets for all production days and teams. This allows you to quickly navigate and get an overview of your work. Here you can also bulk schedule your working and shooting days any way you like.

Integrates with your script

Regardless if you produce fiction or non-fiction, the planning feature is totally integrated with your screenplay , AV-script and multi-camera live/studio script.


Easy drag'n'ndrop interface

Schedule unlimited episodes

Schedule for up to 5 simultaneous teams

Great filters that quickly let you find the scenes you want to schedule

Any new scenes will automatically show up in the scene list. You can't miss anything!

Scene scheduling, column view.

Scene scheduling, stripboard view.

Daily cast scheduling with call times, transport, hair & makeup, wardrobe, rehearsals & dismissal.

Crew scheduling



Top image by Bill Ward / Flickr (CC BY SA).


Stripboards for mobile and print

Stripboards for mobile and print


for mobile and print
Try it today!

Stripboards for mobile and print

Stripboards, a standard visualisation of your production’s scheduling, has gotten an upgrade in Dramatify. Enjoy both nifty mobile features as well as one-click customisation for print and pdf-ing. 

Stripboards in Dramatify are more. We give you fast production overview stats, from production days and pages, to estimated production time according to the scheduling and the estimated running time of the finished project.

Stripboards that handles split scenes and multiple teams

With Dramatify, you don’t have to do clumsy workarounds to handle unlimited splitting of scenes or multiple teams. You can easily split scenes up on different teams, say live action, sfx and cgi, in the scheduling and your stripboard will exactly reflect your planning.

Stripboards for mobile

Dramatify conveniently shows you and your team the production stripboards formatted for the screen of your favourite device, may it be your smart phone or the office big screen TV at a staff meeting. With a click you expand the content in the toolbar underneath each scene and view main characters and cast; stunts, extras and atmosphere, location with map link and all scene parts if you have splited a scene.

Stripboards for print

If you want to print your stripboard, you can format it with a few easy clicks – add or remove information, filter it on teams or certain shooting days, as well as add a headline and an intro text.



Stripboard view of scheduling

Fast formatting for both digital views and print

Smart filters to display exactly the information you need


Top image by Ken Teegardin /Flickr (www.Fundable.Org) (CC BY SA).


Cast scheduling & reports

Cast scheduling & reports

Cast scheduling & reports

Daily cast scheduling, cast DooD and cast reports!
Try it today!

Cast scheduling & reports

Dramatify have great support for daily cast scheduling and reports, with automatic call sheet integration as well as a Day out of day overview. 

Cast scheduling

Dramatify have a comprehensive daily cast scheduling for each production day with call and finish times, transportation details, makeup, F/X makeup, hair, rehearsals and notes. The cast scheduler can schedule both cast that are shooting that day, as well as non-shooting cast that needs to come in for rehearsals or fittings. Each cast member can be scheduled individually, but each scheduling item can also be set for everyone, for instance transport destination, scenes to be rehearsed or call times. That makes cast scheduling a fast task!

Call sheet integration

The cast scheduler feeds directly into the call sheets, and both gives each cast member their personal information as well as transport orders for drivers.

Day out of Day report

Dramatify have a standard Day out of Day report that can also be pulled up in a browser tab along with the production scheduling to optimise cast days.

Cast and character report

Dramatify have a detailed cast report with all days worked, pages, period, scenes, sets, locations and unit bases. The report can be easily formatted with a few clicks to show exactly what you want.

Cast time sheets and plate count

If you want to record cast working hours and meal cost, please learn more at Time Sheets and Food Management.


Smart scheduler for both shooting and non-shooting cast

The cast schedule is automatically reflected in Call Sheet cast calls

Day out of Day report for cast

Detailed cast & character report



Top image original by Ashley MacKinnon /Flickr (CC BY).


Crew scheduling

Crew scheduling

Crew scheduling

Super-integrated with call sheets, time sheets & meal management!
Try it today!

Crew scheduling

Schedule your crew – who works when – and export working hours records. Dramatify’s crew scheduling not only creates a crew list in the call sheet, but also integrates with time sheets and  food management.

Crew schedule with an easy interface where you simply tick in the days each crew member works. To make work faster, you can speed add all or no dates for everyone, or add all or no days per person.

The crew list will appear automagically in the correct call sheets and also reflect automatically in time sheets and food lists.





Smart crew scheduling with departments and teams

The daily crew automatically reflects in the call sheets.

Crew schedule automatically reflects into Time Sheets.

Crew schedule automatically reflects into food & catering list.



Top image by Alan Cleaver / Flickr (CC BY SA).


Call sheets for mobiles, tablets, desktop & print

Call sheets for mobiles, tablets, desktop & print

Call sheets

in your mobile, tablet and computer or for print!
Try it today!

Call sheets in your smartphone, tablet and computer. Or print!

Call sheets that you can create fast, update with a few clicks and avoid killing a lot of innocent trees to make. Interested?

Call sheets are essential to most TV and film productions. But they are also clumsy to distribute and update. Paper. Runners. Waiting…  Dramatify gives your team call sheets to carry in their pockets that can be updated with a click. No waiting. No runners. Just there.

Call sheets available in any mobile, tablet or computer and easily updated are one of the easiest ways to make your production more efficient and increase productivity. Few industries know better than ours that time is money. Especially on location. But of course you can also print the call sheets for handouts as well.

Everything you can expect from a call sheet

Dramatify’s call sheet in the mobile, tablet and computer contains everything you can expect from a call sheet – and more! It works as well for drama productions as productions with an AV script or a multi-camera live & studio script.

What you’ll find in our call sheets:

  • Unit notes
  • Unit call times
  • Shooting call
  • Cast calls with details
  • Locations – Shooting locations, Unit base and Medical Emergency location with interactive driving directions through maps
  • Weather forecast – automatic weather report based on shooting location, updated every 3rd hour, or write a manual forecast
  • Shooting schedule – Which scenes are being filmed together with cast, characters, location and script of the scene
  • Integrated scene scripts – no need to print scene scripts for most of crew and cast
  • Health & Safety notes
  • Crew list
  • Requirements – for all departments. In a digital format, you can write as much as you want. Contact details to department heads are automatically included.
  • Transport orders
  • Radio channels
  • Rehearsals (or other activities)
  • Scene shooting status – admins (such as AD or a script supervisor) can check off scene shooting status that are then automatically displayed in the scene list and added to the daily production report shooting log.

Smart pre-production create almost automatic call sheets

During the pre-production in Dramatify, you create a lot of content and links almost without realising it. When you come to the call sheets it pays off! They are almost all done! Dramatify intelligently serves up the information you need, and you can add the final touches yourself.

Delayed or superfast? Change the schedule with the tip of your finger.

Even the best planned schedules rarely survives the reality of a shoot. You can reschedule the call sheet schedule on the fly with just your phone or tablet by drag and drop the changes you need. Your team is immediately up to date!

Set scene status with a click

Note if a scene is finished or unfinished and needs additional shooting as soon as you’re done shooting it! Use the scene list to get an overview of the status of all scenes. The status is also automatically reported in the Daily Production Report.

Shoot with up to 5 teams simultaneously – each with their own call sheet!

With Dramatify, you can add up to three main teams plus 2nd Unit and a 3rd Unit. Each get their own call sheet!

Choose between two different templates when printing!

If you want to print handouts, you have two different templates to choose between. Click the links to view samples!


Unlimited number of episodes

Add specific teams to episodes

Produce in blocks

Mix script formats

Choose between two different templates when printing!



Top image by Bro. Jeffrey Pioquinto, SJ/Flickr (CC BY 2.0).

Multiple teams – each with their own call sheet

Multiple teams – each with their own call sheet

Multiple teams

Call sheets and features for multiple teams
Try it today!

Multiply team work – call sheets for several teams, 2nd unit and 3rd unit

Big shoot, multiple teams in multiple countries or multiple shifts? Dramatify helps you out!

Multiple teams is something many teams use, at least a second unit or a third unit. But increasingly we also see production lengths being compressed with two or three teams working in parallell, during different shifts of the day or in different countries or continents.

Up to five teams simultaneously

With Dramatify, you can use up to five teams simultaneously, each with their own call sheet. You can set up your teams at the beginning of pre-production, or add teams as you need during the production.

Team members can belong to several team, or no team at all, in the case of team members that don’t need call sheets. Instead of calling the teams, A, B and C, we followed Danny Boyle and use beautiful colours. Choose between red, purple and green teams along with the gold and bronze of 2nd unit and 3rd unit.

Multiple teams work great with Dramatify’s series functionality too.



Up to five teams simultaneously

One call sheet per team

Produce in blocks with different teams

Most features have a team select to easily view information for just one team


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Top image by Shanti Braford / Flickr (CC BY 2.0).


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