Plan and schedule your TV and film production

Plan and schedule your TV, film or video production – with easy drag’n’drop

Planning and scheduling your production should be smart and easy, not something to tear out your hair over.

With Dramatify’s new drag and drop interface, you can plan and schedule any number of episodes with up to five simultaneous teams, each with their own call sheet.

It’s super simple to plan and schedule with Dramatify. After linking scenes, characters and sets together, head over to the planning grid to add production days. Drag and drop scenes from the left-hand column on to the correct production day and team. Standard strip-board colours makes it easy to plan similar scenes together. When the left-hand column is empty, you know that you have planned all your scenes.

Add flags and banners

In each column you can add flags at the top for easier planning as well as banners for any non-scene event that you want to plan during the day. Banners can have added time to create a production schedule at the same time.

Production time estimates

At the bottom of each column Dramatify automatically calculates an estimation of how much material that will be produced during the day and how long the production day will be. This lets you keep an eye on total working hours.

Splitting and unsplitting scenes

Today, as filming becomes more complex, the need to split scenes into several parts increase. Scenes can be split as many times as you like and different parts can be split on several days and / or several teams. It’s perfect for productions with a lot of CGI and special effects. You can add a note to each split part.

Calendar view

You tie production days with calendar dates in the calendar view. There you can view which scenes are shot on any given day and by which team. You can easily move production days around by drag and drop.

DooD – Day out of Days

Beside the scheduling, you also find the Day of of Days report for cast, making it easy to pull up into a new browser tab and use alongside the scheduler to optimise cast and extras days.

Cast planning New!

Dramatify also features a comprehensive cast scheduling and planning tool for each shooting day. You automatically see which cast members are shooting and can in one go, schedule cast calls, transport, hair/makeup, wardrobe, rehearsals, finish times and add notes. This is added straight into cast calls in the call sheets.

Call sheet view

The planning tool also includes a view of unpublished and published call sheets for all production days and teams. This allows you to quickly navigate and get an overview of your work.

Integrates with your script

Regardless if you produce fiction or non-fiction, the planning feature is totally integrated with your screenplay , AV-script and multi-camera live/studio script. Write a new scene, and it will show up in the left-hand planning column!

Drag and drop film & TV production scheduling and planning

Plan production dates to calendar dates for film and TV scheduling

Call sheet overview / Production days

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