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Team management and team list with one-click calling, texting and emailing

On location with 200 people of which you only know ten. And you need to find Andy. Whom you never met. With Dramatify, it’s easy. The team list got pictures!

Dramatify’s team list is not only a simple list of the people working on the production, but also everyone that have access to the production on Dramatify with titles, contact details, bios, qualifications and more.

Every team member updates their own information

You no longer need an address book or an excel sheet with all the team contacts. You can either set up a new Dramatify profile for your team members (if they don’t already have one) or just invite them and let them do it themselves. The only thing you absolutely need to invite somebody to your production is their email address.

Call, text or email straight from your device

You only need to click a link to call a team member, text them or send an email. In the full profile there is room for addresses, representation – both union and agent – a bio, social media, qualifications including driving licenses and professional qualifications like first aid, rigging, electricity or pyrotechnics. Users can also – strictly voluntary – add any medical condition they want the team to know about, and how they like to be supported. Also, for children we flag for minors as they need special consideration and have special working regulations.

Food preferences

Food handling can be a major headache on set. With Dramatify it’s a breeze. In the profile, each team member can indicate if they have any special food preferences, dietary or religious, as well as any food allergies. These are compiled into smart food and catering lists!

Handle production information, permissions and releases

You can now add production notes, manage permissions and upload contract and personal release so you get everything in one place.

The team report

We neatly collect everything important in a team report that you can filter on crew and cast. Here you’ll get all contact information as well as if you have a contract and/or release on everybody that should have signed one.

The character & cast report

Under the “Character” menu, you also find a report on all characters and their casted members with working days, work period, pages, scenes, sets, locations and unit bases. This is a complement to the Day out of Day report you’ll find in the Scheduling section.


Cast & crew profiles - add once, use forever

Printable team list

Cast & character report + Cast Day out of Day report

One click calling, messaging, texting & emailing

Driving licenses & professional qualifications

Food preferences & allergies

Production notes

Upload & check contracts & releases

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