Sometimes it’s not practical to require that everyone in the team are Dramatify users, especially not for people who might only interact with the content once, like camera operators, studio staff and translators.

Shared link and QR code

Companies with unlimited or enterprise accounts will now see a new menu item in the rundowns menu, “Shared link”. It will give you the option of creating a secret link that you can distribute as a URL (i.e. web link) or as a QR code for smartphones and tablets. Copy the link to a message or email, and add a screenshot of the QR code, and your team can immediately find the read-only version of your rundown.

In the studio, team members can also get the QR code straight off a Dramatify member’s rundown by just pointing their smartphones to it, and using the phone’s canera feature to open the web link contained in the QR code.

Last valid link date

You can manually turn the link on and off, but you can also add a last valid date and the link will automatically stop working after that date. This feature makes sure the content is not available forever by mistake.

Show/hide, text size and dark mode

The new read-only version of the rundown has the same features for each user to customise the rundown as the full version has. Each user can customise which information she or he sees through show/hide found in the menu in the upper right corner. There you also find a slider for text size as well as the dark mode control.

“Dark mode” is an excellent feature for a paperless workflow in the studio. It reverses the screen colours to a dark colour scheme to make sure that screens don’t glow like little stars in the dark studio environment.

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